Contemporary young people work pressure, more anxious in life, can’t sleep in the evening, it is still very unusual. I often insomnia, in order to sleep every night, drink milk, bubble, counting stars, can try the way, but still can’t sleep, what can I do, then insistence the next day? of. Today, I will share my sleep products for everyone. Let’s take a look!




I didn’t realize that my sleep quality is related to the mattress I sleep until I have replaced the uncomfortable old mattress for several years. It turns out that a good mattress has really played a role in promoting sleep quality. This mattress hardness is very moderate, lie on a soft and comfortable, in addition, the rebound force is also good, the body will feel support. Its built-in separate bag is a spring, and it will not be a sound, when the people around you don’t have to worry. There is such a mattress that can be used, my life is really UP!

2. Wom bean pillow

I deeply feel that because the pillow is not suitable and the opposite side of the night, sleep like a dream, and then after doing a good Raiders, I chose this wheat pillow. It is fluffy but not losing, it is very bonding my cervical radiocephal, and the neck does not have a stiffness. In addition, I love it very much from the faint flavor of the pillow. It is really the artifact that saves insomnia, which greatly improves my sleep quality!

3. Home service


If you want to warm and comfortable sleep experience, skin-friendly pajamas must be less than you have a touch of goods. Everyone must pay attention to their quality when purchasing, it is recommended to choose cotton material, skin feelings are not only comfortable, but also heat Breathable.


4. Steam eye mask


I usually work too much when I work, I need to relax my eyes. This steam eye mask is really comfortable. It is hot before going to bed at night. It feels a lot in the morning.

5. Sleep Spray

This sleep spray is small, many bloggers have recommendations. I was attracted by its rich lavender. Every time I sleep, I will spray a few on the pillow. When I drilled into the bed, the lavender incense came, through my nasal, directly to my nervous nerve, so that my body slowly relaxed until I entered a sweet dream. I can sleep, can’t say it all because it, but it also has a job.

6. Bluetooth speaker


I didn’t have the habit of listening to music before going to bed, but I had once again, after going to bed, I fell asleep, so I also made my sleeping tool as my sleep tool. In order to pursue a better music experience, I changed to this Bluetooth speaker, before going to bed every day, put a few gentle music, really very comfortable ~

7. Wake up lights

This ~ This is really a good product I accidentally discovered. When I bought it, I just felt a new odd. I have never expected that it will have any sleep effect, just, it is really powerful!

Unlike alarm clock, you will suddenly wake up from your sleep, scare your heart, you can simulate the sun in the first fifteen minutes of you set the time point, slowly brightened, while you can raise Set music.

In addition, you can make it a small night light at night, and it can be tuned to the light. It is very soft, it will make you feel sleepy.


8. Four sets of bedding

A good set of bed products, for improving personal sleep quality, really significant – lying on a comfortable bedding, physical and mentally happy, work a day of exhaustion is also swept away. This bed has been used for a long time. It is really super love. The quality is also a level, and there has been no looseness, phenomenon of hair loss, and the more sleeping is soft.

Ok, today’s share is here ~ insomnia is not terrible, try to create a relaxed sleep environment, you can also have a sweet dream! Don’t remember, pay attention to and forward, please ~

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