On December 9th, local time,

The Norwegian Harrogland Bridge is officially opened.

This is the Arctic Circle

Maximum span suspension bridge

, Known as “bridges with very light”,

Construction of Chinese companies.

The bridge will become an important shortcut to the European E6 Highway (connected Norwegian and West Coast), will also become Norwegian new

Landmark business card


Figure / Weibo CCTV News


In addition to the bridge of this China, Norway can have a lot of fun experience. Norway is known as the Norwegian Kingdom, meaning “

Road to the North

Norway is also called “

Wan Island

“, There is a lot of oil and natural gas, and the bidewood is rich, the happiness index is higher than Dubai.


Norwegian beauty


Dreamy, a magnificent sea, dancing of Qifeng, Norway is a good scenery everywhere.



In an ancient Roman myth, the aurora is the goddess, Luo Wei, she guided the direction with the people who are eager for happiness, and the Norwegian people believe that the colorful halo flowing in the night sky will bring cure to people who have been lucky. Magic power.

Norway’s best view Aurora:


Northern Norway (centered on the city of Tromso), because of the weather, the weather is preferably three nights.

Best viewing period:

November arrived in February


Midnight sunshine

Norwegian’s north can see midnight sunshine, at this time, the sun raises early, but it is delayed.


Orange red rays between heaven and earth. Norway

Midnight sunlight time continues

The place is the Swarba Islands.

From April 20th to August 22nd,

The sun will not fall


The sun is almost full of sun.

Three strange stones

>>> Mountain demon tongue

Come to Norway, after understanding Norwegian culture, you will know that the mountain demon is the elves in the mountains, which is named by the tongue of the mountain demon.


If you want to be with the mountain demon tongue, it is not easy. The hardest is to climb the mountain. The legendary mountain road is not covered, bypass a road of mountains, turn over a hill, in order to arrive in the ultimate destination.

>>> Miracle Stone


The miracle stone is called “Brave Stone”, which is a holy place that many challengers will go. When you hiped on the top of Xielag Mountain, you will see the stone stitch of the huge cliff cliff with a piece of light, it is the legendary miracle stone.

In front of the miracle stone, all kinds of wonderful scenery are floating clouds. I saw those brave people on small stones at 1110 meters from the fjord, making a variety of jumping, reverse, overlooking, etc., which was a rhythm of the bile daring.

>>> Budo


Norwegian stone stone, lambos of Lucia Bay. The geographical location of the sky, the beautiful floral style, the thrilling vertical cliff, absolutely make your careful and straight.

The stone stone is a naturally formed boulder, the top is a large platform, standing on the platform, the scenery will definitely make you bottle.


Four major strait


>>> Songnefjord and Nærøyfjord


Song Enfayi, the longest and most deepest fjord in the world, one of the four big fjords in Norway is where many tourists have a must for the Norwegian fjord.


Song Enfayi, known as Norwegian episodes, in this super long greece, there is a beautiful scenery of the peach peach.

Nairi Bay is the branch of the Song En, although only 17 kilometers per process, the most beautiful scenery in Song En is concentrated in Nairixia.


>>> Lysefjord

The Lüsefiji is a south of the four big fjords. Although it looks ordinary, especially the stone stone and miracle stone are here.

Standing on the magical giant rock, overlooking the whole fjord, the list of Pingchuan is definitely not sitting on the boat.

>>> Hardangerfjord


The Hadang Elfji has many wonderful scenery, which not only has a small triumph of the pastoral scenery, but also a domineering Wall Warfall.

Not only that, at the end of the Harutane El, there is a famous casual resort, planting the apple forest and apricot forest on the shore, so that you can not only enjoy the beauty, but also full of mouth!

>>> Geirangerfjord

The Garang Elefjour has a strong mystery, sitting from the source of the fjord in the Earl Town, driving into the fjord, two sides of the mountains, flowers in the mountains, the spectacular waterfall, will attract you look.

Among them, it is worth mentioning that the spectacular seven sisters aquare, a strike from the top of the mountain, it is like a satin, the sound of the ribs in the ear, will definitely cycle in your ear.


Norwegian Atlantic Beach Highway Self-driving Experience

The Norwegian West Coast is a self-reliant paradise, a beautiful and dangerous road.


The word line of the word line is built between the island and the reef, the fascinating Awart, natural scenery.

The highway is connected by 12 bridges, bending and rising, steep, and the cantilever beam bridge, especially thrilling, often there will be on the road, and let you taste the Atlantic seafood, remember Window.

Norwegian Mysterious Animals – Reindeer

The moose is also a rare animal in Norway, which is the world’s largest deer animal. Standing on the ground, there are more than 2 meters, if you add an antlers, there is about 3 meters.

Seeing your own eyes, don’t think I have entered an animal cockroach. Its shoulder is higher than the hip, which is similar to the camel. Come to Norway to experience reindeer sleigh ~


About Norway


1. Best Tour time in Norway: May – September, the temperature is suitable.


2, China is almost 7 hours from Norway.

3, currency: 100 RMB ≈125 Norway Kran.

4. Visa: Norway belongs to Schengen, apply for a Schengen visa.


5, Norwegian price is more expensive, and ordinary budget also has a per capita 500 yuan.

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