Today, I will share a wave of national tide sports, and domestic women’s shoes brand, texture and comfort, completely do not lose foreign brands, spring and summer, I want to start new shoes, see these local brands shoes ~

Pull back


The back of the shoes is really old domestic goods, super parity, watching, more daily, and a lot of style, there are several classic models of their home, and wearing a hundred ~



Human canvas shoes is a brand from Wenzhou in 1986, focusing on shoes, and huge cheap, classic “people” premises, watching wild, shoes, follow-up, landmark “1986” word, 虞书欣 and Zhu Yilong There is through the same paragraph, the four brothers have also passed through other other models ~~

Li Ning


The rise of the national tide Li Ning must have the name, buy the most cost-effective design with the lowest price ~~



Leap shoes really worn and comfortable, wear in soft soft, and the price is very affordable. Thunder ~



Since I turned my gaze to China, I found that the current sports brand is getting better and better, although Anta’s style breaks through, but the recent new color color is also too fresh, wearing a minute, there is a kind of impulse ~


At first glance, it is basically a joint money, Pepsi can be found here. The version may be more part of the world, which is just good ~


Hong Xingrk is a leisure brand, the price of civilians, about 200 or less, the shoes style color is relatively simple, to show the old sunny style ~

Multi-mouth donkey Donkey


The design of their shoes is very unique, breaking through the design of the conventional paragraph, the whole style of the shoes is male, the screen map is also a male shoot, but the shoes have a girl size, the girl wear is also very cool ~~



So good-looking domestic sports shoes, I don’t allow you to know!

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