Almost most boys like to smell the scent of girls.

I don’t talk about it, even if it is a mediocre girl, as long as it is not spraying a strong inferior perfume, it can immediately let men have a good feeling.


But do you think that the aroma on the girl is born?

In addition to the old man, you know the answer to this question.

Therefore, if the boys walking, they will also have a good feeling of many little sisters.

Have you experienced such a thing.

When I was at home for a certain day, your mother suddenly broke the door and said that you have a taste, ask you to take a shower for a few days.

Going to the street, my girlfriend is not willing to be held in his arms, and asked you that you didn’t change your clothes for a few days.

On the bus, the lady sitting next to seeing other places, immediately changing, and even sometimes I would stand, never sit next to you.

All the reason is that you are taste!

People are hard to pay attention to the taste of themselves, just like they will not be disgusting their nose → _ →

Don’t feel that men’s taste is sexy performance, you must have encountered such a person, it is estimated how you think about your mind at that time can be far away from this.

However, as a typical straight man, I deeply know that most boys think that a man sprayed is very beautiful.

Especially the student party, live in the dormitory, if someone sprayed in the mirror, it will definitely trick.

Plus a girl often said that the boys are clean, and the spray incense is very disgusting.

Therefore, some boys are resistant to spray water.

Today, I will mention the things, regardless of the age, regardless of the body, and don’t divide the career, it is absolutely not expensive, and I can use it, I will not be ridiculed with jets, and the student party can use.

Adidas beaded, a bottle of 20 yuan, even if you are a student party or a monthly salary 2000 office worker can be used. Super civilian price, you can also carry it with you, even if it is applied, it will not be laughing. A bottle can be used for a month.

Vaseline body milk, 400ml is less than 40 yuan, take a bath every day, a bottle can also be a month, joining nicotinamide can also whiten skin, but the disadvantage is easy to halt hair _ (: з “∠) _


Two together, use it every day, guarantee that you will have an extraordinary existence on your clothes, the bed sheet is covered, and you don’t have to worry about busking and smoking a little sister.

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