I believe you have the same experience as I, I only heard that the mobile phone has a Wi-Fi function. Later, he listened to the Vivo and Meizu to mention Hi-Fi when the mobile phone was released, and now also listening to digital enthusiasts in discussing Li-Fi.


These Qiqi “Xi-Fi” make people feel the clouds in the fog, what is this Wi-Fi, Hi-Fi and Li-Fi? Today we will say “IFI” related to these mobile phones.


Wi-Fi is useful every day?


It is the same as the Internet age, Wi-Fi and air are not missing. “How much is your Wi-Fi password?” Also became the must-have problems with others.

Wi-Fi is a wireless security abbreviation. Its English is Wireless-Fidelity. It refers to the way the mobile phone is connected through the radio wave network. The specific operation method is to connect to the router to connect a broadband network cable to realize the Internet function, and then pass the antenna The mobile phone network can be used in the effective range of radio waves coverage.

The biggest advantage of Wi-Fi is that the wiring can be limited by the wiring conditions, and it is very suitable for mobile office. Last year, Wi-Fi6 was upgraded based on the fifth-generation Wi-Fi technology that has been commonly used. The wireless transmission rate of Wi-Fi6 is up to 9.6Gbps, which uses 5G homologous OFDMA technology, speed And accessible equipment capacity has increased several times.


Therefore, when the small partners buy new routers, in addition to choosing the big brand of Huawei, TP-LINK, Xiaomi, and see if the new router supports Wi-Fi6 technology.

LI-FI is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, can it replace Wi-Fi?

If the network speed of Wi-Fi6 is just 3 or 4 times higher than traditional Wi-Fi, the net speed of the black technology Li-Fi is more than 100 times faster than traditional Wi-Fi.

The abbreviation of Li-Fi, English is a full name of Light-Fidelity, Li-Fi is a flicker of light to transmit binary information, thereby achieving information transmission.


The LI-FI implementation method is to install a control chip in the LED lamp, and the control light is flickering with the high frequency, low intensity, and then the phone is accepted and transmitted by the corresponding sensor, thereby implementing A large amount of information.

The advantages of Li-Fi are highlighted, and the light energy is flicker at extremely high frequencies, and the transmission speed is expected to reach 100g / s; the propagation, high security, high security, and strong privateness.


The shortcomings of Li-Fi are also very obvious. Light cannot pass through the wall, the Li-Fi signal cannot pass the wall; the corresponding sensor on the phone must expose, the posture of the mobile phone must be limited; because the transmission will be reduced, only 10 meters of the range .


Therefore, although Li-Fi technology has great potential, there are many problems that have multiple problems to solve, and it is difficult to popularize in a short time.

Hi-Fi in Shensha, is it going to be a lot?

The last thing to say is the “red” – Hi-Fi on the PPT of the major manufacturers. Although Hi-Fi and the previous Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is very like, but Hi-Fi is not a network of networking.

Hi-Fi’s full name is high-fidelity, translated into high fidelity, its definition is a playback sound similar to the original sound. The past Hi-Fi is a good thing that belongs to a small music fan, and they still have another interesting name called “enthusiasts”. The burnt friends will purchase devices such as players, balance lines, earplugs, speakers, and find high quality sound sources to enjoy the ultimate music experience.


In order to get rid of the homogenization competition, mobile phone manufacturers also enable self-service users to hear better sounds, mobile phone manufacturers have a Hi-Fi chip in the phone, intend to create a better audio effect with high-end chips, and here As a main propaganda point.

Although the Hi-Fi chip such as AKM, ESS, the Hi-Fi chip has improved the sound quality, after all, the sound is a subject and aesthetic threshold, is a “metaphysics”, compared to fast charge, photography, The experience of the sounds seen by the screen is not obvious. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers have also moved their attention to others.

On December 15, 2020, Jingdong Hi-Fi audio strategy was officially held at Jingdong Headquarters. Hi-Fi for a period of time seems to be rolled. Coincidentally, the wire class products are very good digital vendor Green United also put the Hi-Fi essential MMCX balance line.

This use 99.9972% high-purity single crystal copper as the primary material of the eight-stranded single crystal copper-plated silver line, which can effectively reduce distortion and signal attenuation, restore every music detail, so that the sound is more delicate. The price of less than 300 yuan is also the price of the entry experience, but the quality has reached the level of DIY upgrade, which is very rare in the past.

More and more signs show that we can enjoy the Hi-Fi music with relatively reasonable prices, interested partners can be assured to play players, balance lines, earplugs and other experiences.


What are you confusion about Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Hi-Fi? What do you want to know about mobile phones?

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