Female life wearing leggings is not autumn exclusive, you can wear it across three seasons, wearing leggings really better than skirts, more thin. Whether your skin’s skin is black, it doesn’t matter anyway, it can’t see it. It can make you confident. Another point, do you find that wearing a pants is more high. Hurry and Xiaobian to see, the style of the leggings and the fashion matching of leggings.

Leather leggings


This year’s hot leg pants model is actually a leather leggings, because it is very modern and very classic, not only the wind is still very warm. Just match a shirt or knit sweater to a large exaggeration of the leather, and then match the high-heeled shoes to add a street to the taste of the star.


A black look will look very charm, neither high-profile, there is a confidence.

Black leggings

Black leggings as a fashion item, but often mistakenly become a column trousers, in order to avoid this embarrassment, try to choose the material to choose the material when picking up. Black leggings on the back legs and long. It will be handsome with a needle sweater or jacket.


Imitation denim leggings

Continuing the broken wind of jeans, combines jeans and leggings that is good together. Remove the thickness of jeans, but brought the skinptiness of leggings. Continuing the versatile character of jeans, no matter what clothes or high heels are very fluent. The important thing is to solve the problem of autumn and winter sisters want to wear big legs but wear jeans too heavy.


Gray leggings

The gray leggings is very thin, but the gray leggings must not match the boots, it can match the bare boots is the limit, especially the crude girl, do not wear the shoes, otherwise it will be very ugly .

Striped leggings


The stripe elements are very popular fashion elements. It has collided with the leggings, which emphasizes personality, you must not miss it. Whether it is a stripe or a vertical stripe, the legs behind the upper body are very good, and the whole shape is modified into cool feelings. It is even more unexpected to match a pair of sneakers or in British shoes.

Candy colored leggings

Tired of monotonous black and gray, try lively eye-catching candy colored leggings. The lively pink color is a strongly recommended absorbing tool in this fall. Some young girls have been given to the confection with leggings across the three seasons.

With a loose fur coat, there is a warm feeling, and it is still very age.

Print leggings


If you want to get rid of your autumn, you must walk unusual route, leggings wear the same color every day, there is wood feeling boring. Let’s take a stylish leggings, the same slim, tighten the small belly, create a flat waist curve for you. Very good!


With high heels and boots, it is really handsome! Although it is very good, it is also very chailed. If the leg is particularly full, try not to challenge …….



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