The incense burner is not only a gift of Buddha or sacrifices the ancestors. It is also a very loved item in the literati, put on the table of the hall or the book. When reading, you can feel a faint fragrance, you can feel it. Beautiful taste of reading the red sleeves in the night. Incense burners can bring more life spirit, which leaps the time tunnel, chase and experience the historical and culture of my country’s Boda.

1: Qing Yong Green Pakistine Pour Gold Cut Flower Pattern Furnace, Size: High 51.5 cm, Valuation: RMB 600,000 ~ 800,000, transaction price RMB 26, 432,000

The incense burner is an essential appliance in the “incense”, which is an indispensable appliance in ancient folk customs, religion, and ritual activities in my country. Its use is very much, you can smoke, you can use the exhibit, or a devout sacrifice. The shape is often square or circular, the square incense burner usually has four feet, the circular incense has three feet, one placed in front, two placed behind.


2: Qing Emperor Qianlong copper gold double beast earlings ring open cloud 螭 二 二 龙 戏珠香 香炉, size: length 35.5 cm, transaction price: RMB 7,392,000


The incense burner used in the past generation includes a variety of incense burners such as Boshan furnace, fragrant, furnace, lying furnace, and fragrant cylinders, and smoked balls, incense boxes, fragrant clips, fragrant sockets, spoons, spatula, fragrant cans, fragrance. Capsule and other auxiliary appliances. It can be said that it is a five-flowered door, each has its own characteristics.

The history of the incense burner culture in my country can be traced back to the “Ding” of the Shang Zhou period. The incense burner used in the Qing Dynasty Emperor is used by Yulai, very thin. If you use the flashlight, you can also see light shot. come out.


3: Ming Zhengde Tongfen Lotto Arabic incense burner, size: high 10.2 cm, valuation: HKD 2,500,000 ~ 3,500,000, transaction price: HKD 3, 160,000

As early as the Han Dynasty, there was a incense burner made of ceramics, copper, iron and watts as raw materials. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, with the rapid development of the copper casting, the incense burner of other materials was slowly started. Instead of copper incense, Xuande furnace is a bronze that uses brass casting in our history.

4: Qing Emperor Qianlong copper gold flower embedded jade coral three-feasible burner, size: length 55 cm, transaction price: RMB 2,800,000


During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Ming Dynasty Xuande furnace became the leader in the incense burner, and it also laid the future status of Chinese copper incense burners. According to historical records, in order to satisfy the Ming Dynasty Xuande Emperor likes the hobby of the incense burner, the craftsman who require the court Royal, according to the custom kiln, kiln, official kiln, and kiln, etc. “Archaeological map”, etc. to design and manufacture incense burners.

5: Qingjin Copper three feet in 18 century, size: 32 cm diameter, valuation: HKD 300,000 ~ 500,000, transaction price: HKD 2,670,000

In order to ensure the quality of the incense burner, the craftsman has chosen dozens of precious metals such as gold, and the red bronze is carefully cast for more than ten times. After making the finished product, the copper incense burner is crystal clear, the successful casting of Xuande furnace, pioneered the bronze The primary river manufactured by the furnace. In the long history of the long river, Xuande furnace turns into a copper incense burner. This is the first time in my country’s history, using brass to cast copper, with more than 40 different colors, gathered in various forms of shape, pushing the copper incense art to historical climax, set off the imitation trend of later generations.

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