rabbit ear tag

Jan 01,2022

Buy high-quality rabbit ear tag at Tradechina.com to ensure you have a reliable grasp on your animals and their care. They are typically made using either plastic or metal so that they last for a long time and are protected against the sun’s UV rays. These rabbit ear tag often contain a code or an AIN (Animal Identification Number) to distinguish one animal from another.

rabbit ear tag come in different sizes and shapes and you can choose them according to your necessities at Tradechina.com with just a few clicks. These tags can either be handwritten or assigned by a standard organization. Modern electronic tags store data about the animal, such as its location and its unique identification code. Choose from among button-shaped and flag-shaped options. If you’re choosing ones made of metal, you can select aluminum, steel, or brass options.

These rabbit ear tag can be applied directly or might require an applicator or implanter for attachment to the animal. These tags make sure that no animal in your care gets misplaced or lost. They are useful in storing multiple data points about the animal for convenient access. They can also be used to point out any disorders that an animal might have. For small animals such as mice and rats, tiny ear tags are available.

Whatever kind of rabbit ear tag you’re looking for, you’ll assuredly find it on Tradechina.com. These tags are important to mark every animal in your stock and are necessary to keep tabs on them. The availability of diverse color and design choices ensures that you can find rabbit ear tag that truly meets your needs.

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