With the rise of badminton, more and more children are participating in badminton. However, according to the author’s observation, very few children use children’s badminton rackets, and most of the young athletes who participate in badminton use adult badminton rackets! Most parents don’t think so, but only equipment suitable for children’s age is the best!

Here the author will tell you about the difference between children’s beats and adult shots, first of all, adult shoots are longer than children’s shots in terms of length, and the weight is also heavier than children’s rackets, children under the age of ten are not so easy to use, and most of the adult racket handles are using G5 specifications of the racket handle, in the process of children practicing high balls, if the wrist force direction is not well controlled, the wrist is also injured.

Secondly, when some children are under ten years old, due to the relationship between growth and development, there will be a phenomenon of rackets dragging on the ground in the process of practicing picking the ball, which will affect the child’s practice effect, if you change to a children’s racket suitable for the child’s age, there will be no phenomenon of the racket dragging on the ground, to a certain extent, it can also help children better practice ball skills!

Finally, to sum up, while children are pursuing interests, parents should choose a badminton racket that suits him or her!

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