It’s really cold in winter, although the down jacket is warm, but will you feel that it is not slim enough and fashionable? Try a warmer – leather clothing. Prices online and in shopping malls vary greatly, ranging from two or three hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The reporter of “Consumer Proposition” visited Haining, Zhejiang Province to find out for you, how much money can you buy affordable leather clothing?

Cowhide, goatskin, and sheepskin are the three main types of genuine leather leather that make leather clothing on the market today. The price of different leathers is also different, among which cowhide leather clothing is more than 2,000 yuan, cowhide toughness is relatively sufficient, and the leather is delicate. Sheepskin is relatively soft, and the price of leather clothing is between 1500-2000 yuan. Goat leather clothing is the cheapest, the cost of a leather coat is about 600 yuan, the price of making a garment is lower, the pores are rough, but the thickness is high, more wear-resistant. There is also a kind of sheep vegetable tanning, that is, the surface of the sheep skin has been added with pure natural plant softener, such a leather clothing, more suitable for young people, a strong sense of casualness.

The development of technology has made leather clothing fabrics more fashionable, softer and more “not like leather”. The reporter’s investigation found that the cost price of good genuine leather and raw leather is at least seven or eight hundred yuan, so those leather clothes on the market that only sell two or three hundred yuan, marked with genuine leather, you have to think about whether this leather clothing is made of genuine leather.

How to distinguish some shoddy and fake leather clothes on the market? The editor gives you two tricks——

At first smell, because the raw material of leather clothing is derived from animal fur, it itself has a taste of animal leather.

Two burning, you can use a small piece of skin over the fire to try, if it is genuine leather leather, after the fire will be black, with a twist of the hand to become a black powder; If there is a burnt smell, it is definitely not genuine leather.

Xiaobian also suggests that if the price of leather clothing is not low, but the style is old and the leather is average, let’s not buy the bottom of the box.

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