Shao Huaqiang’s kindness to me, I silently remembered in my heart.

During dinner in the afternoon, a strange woman called me and she told me she was my counselor and asked me to come to her office.

I followed the instructions she gave me to the office and knocked on the door to enter, it was a separate private office with a retro décor with wooden sofas and a table with coffee tables and Go on top.

On one wall, there is a large bookshelf full of books, and the whole office smells quaint.

On the other wall, by the window, was a desk with computers and papers, and next to it sat a woman, my counselor, a young-looking woman who looked to be about thirty years old, with her hair coiled behind her head and a delicate melon-seed face the size of a palm.

Although it is sitting, it can be seen from the pair of slender beautiful legs that the beautiful counselor’s figure is definitely very good, the waist is very thin, and the lower body is slender.

“Are you Yang Fei?”

The counselor looked me up and down, her voice very mature, like a royal sister.

I nodded.

“Very good, you are now a classmate in our freshman finance second class, at seven o’clock in a while, the classmates will go to study late, when the time comes, I will take you to meet them to say hello, just now Li Yue told me that you went to see your dormitory?”

The beautiful counselor speaks correctly, and every word can be heard clearly, which is very comfortable.

“It just so happens that there are four classmates in your dormitory in the class, I will roll call at that time, you know and familiarize yourself, because you are a transfer student, so many knowledge points have fallen, I will let my classmates come with you to make up for homework, what do you think?”

What else can I say, naturally I nodded honestly and agreed.

After that, the beauty counselor talked to me about a lot of things, such as why I chose to major in finance, what my hobbies are, what I usually like to eat, and whether I have a girlfriend…

I don’t know why she asked me so many weird questions, but I answered them all truthfully, and of course, I skipped the topic if I didn’t want to.

At about six o’clock, the counselor answered the phone, asked me to sit in the office by myself, and went out.

I sat for half an hour, and she never came back.

Bored, I saw a lot of books on the shelves.

At this time, there should be no problem reading the book, right? Anyway, idle is boring, and reading books can prove that I am a good boy who likes to read.

Because I studied finance, I deliberately picked the thickest book in the bookshelf, which was a foreigner writing finance.

This book is very thick and large, and I estimate that I will not be able to read it for a few days and nights.

But I don’t know why, when I held it in my hand, I had a very light feeling.

When I turned the first page, I was stunned.

In addition to the cover, the middle part of the book is hollowed out.

And inside the hollowed-out, there are several things.

Although I have never used this thing, I also know it, and the three words Jesbon on it are very eye-catching.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing is not these three words, but the four words below the three words – ultra-thin zero sense.

This turned out to be that kind of thing, the legendary artifact that prevents human reproduction.

I counted eleven.

A box of this kind of thing, logically speaking, should be a whole number, how can it be a single dozen?

This means that the contents must have worked too!

But why does this happen in the office? The books that are still on the shelves are hidden so secretly.

I didn’t have time to think more, when suddenly there was the sound of hurried footsteps on high heels outside the door.

My counselor came back, and I was so frightened that I quickly closed the book and stuffed it back, and then pretended to sit on the couch as if nothing happened.

After the beautiful counselor came in, she was relieved to see me sitting honestly on the sofa without moving.

“I’m not in this half hour, you didn’t rummage through my things, did you?”

The counselor changed back to royal sister mode, his eyes first looked at the bookshelf and then at me, revealing a hint of suspicion.

I shook my head and replied, “I was just too sleepy and slept a little.” ”


The counselor looked at me a little more and said, “It’s not early, so come with me to the classroom now to meet your classmates.” ”


We walked out of the office, and for some reason, the counselor turned around and locked the door to his office.

At this time, I saw the words on the folder she was holding in her hand, and three of them were beautifully written – Gulina.

Gulina, these three words swirled in my heart.

It is estimated that this is the name of the counselor, it is very good, and the person is as his name suggests, and he looks very beautiful.

After confirming that the door was locked, Gulina let out a long breath and asked me to follow her.

Next to her, I can smell a special fragrance, very charming, making people feel like they want to smoke again, addicted.

Gulina chatted with me for a while, while I answered her absentmindedly, but my mind kept recalling the scene I just saw.

Is the set in the book Gulina’s?

Her office is a separate office, so shouldn’t anyone come to her office at night to “discuss academics” or something?

When I first met, I thought my counselor was a royal sister type, but now, her image has changed in my heart, and I have a strange feeling.

When we got to the classroom, it was already six fifty-five, and Gulina asked me to find a random seat to sit, and by seven o’clock, the students had basically arrived.

I went up to introduce myself, and after everyone welcomed me warmly, I sat back down.

At this time, I found that there were 35 people in our class plus me.

“Huang Cheng, Wang Xiu, Liao Junjie, Zeng Shuang, the four of you will take your new roommate Yang Fei to familiarize yourself with the environment of the dormitory later, and also, help Yang Fei make up for the homework left behind, do you hear?”

On the podium, Gulina pointed to the names of the four people and said.

“Okay, Sister Gu.”

A boy with a fat head and big ears, speaking very neutrally, said with a grin.

“Obey the order of Sister Gu! Mission accomplished! ”

The other three also laughed and joked.

It can be seen that these roommates of mine have a very good relationship with the counselor.

After the first evening study hall, the four of them huddled next to me and introduced themselves with me.

Huang Cheng is a boy who is not tall, but has a very strong body, with an inch of head, and he looks very spirited.

Wang Xiu is a tall fat man, and the fat head and big ears are exactly him, but he looks very white and tender, his skin is like a girl, and his voice is also very thin, like a girl.

Liao Junjie is a standard straight man, a standard height standard public face, and the expression on his face is also very standard, that is, his face is expressionless, in other words, it is a little cold.

Zeng Shuang is a thin man, the person is not short, but really thin, he feels that there are few pounds of meat on his body, and most importantly, his dark circles are very heavy, and he looks overindulged.

I nodded.

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