After many owners pick out the curtains, they want to choose a matching wallpaper/wallcovering together, but they often suffer that they don’t know how to match, and the boss doesn’t understand his own ideas! It’s always hard to choose a satisfying curtain wallpaper that looks good! But actually!!! What’s that hard? Today, the editor will teach you two tricks!!!

Striped pattern wallpaper

The use of vertical stripe wallpaper has also gone through a long history and has been used to this day. In many decoration styles that are more than thirty years old, vertical striped wallpaper with floral pattern fabric curtains is the most popular match of that era.

Curtain selection method 1: solid color (monochrome) treatment

Modern style homes mostly use monochrome fabrics with striped wallpaper.

Similarly, adding some styling treatment on the basis of monochrome will make a big difference in style.

Curtain selection method two: pattern fabric treatment method

The classic stripes and patterns always remind people of the idyllic era, comfortable and comfortable.

Textured wallpaper

Textured wallpaper mostly highlights a single color, but the texture is different from ordinary paint, whether it is visual or tactile, there will be a granular texture. Mostly used in modern style homes.

Choose a uniform color fabric to match the textured wallpaper.

Details such as curtains are added to make the overall color sense stronger.

Since this type of wallpaper does not have a concrete pattern, it is more safe to use patterned fabrics.

Themed graphic wallpaper

Theme graphics is a relatively broad general term, referring to some other more figurative patterns, with rules to follow, with a certain theme. There are also some more abstract patterns.

More figurative and standardized patterns, such as diamonds or lattice, represent a style and attitude.

Abstract textures, more in line with modern style homes.

Traditional figurative patterns, you can choose wallpaper and fabric according to personal preferences.

Curtain selection method 1: solid color (monochrome) treatment

Curtain selection method two: pattern fabric treatment method

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