In the changes of space, speed, rhythm, behind all the rapidly changing emotions is a return to the worldly and natural…

– Design concept

The novel American countryside, originated from the houses lived by pioneers in various places in the eighteenth century, has the spirit of hard work and innovation, the color and shape are more subtle and conservative, guided by comfort function, and the furniture style combines classical shape and modern lines, ergonomics and decorative art, fully showing the characteristics of natural simplicity.

This style is comfortable and free, whether it is furniture that feels bulky or accessories with the vicissitudes of time, it tells us this.

Perceive traditional American style

The American country style abandons cumbersome and luxury, and brings together the excellent elements in different styles, guided by comfort function, emphasizing “returning to nature”, making this style more relaxed and comfortable.

The American country style floor is mostly oak, tan, textured laminate flooring. Make sunlight and light shine on the ground without reflection. It has a solid wood feel when stepped on.

The American style also shows fashion and stability in the combination of natural elements.

The sense of stability and fashion is the feeling that people cannot forget in the living space today, and we strive to dig out the natural style that people pursue.

Attractive artwork, authentic wallpaper patterns, natural stones…

A series of embellishments maintain the extraordinary quality of the style, forming a light luxury and plump texture. It is the best interpretation of the definition of rural American, and it feels intimate and natural

The traditional American classical country style has a strong rural atmosphere, with enjoyment as the highest principle, in the fabric, the leather of the sofa, emphasize its comfort, feel loose and soft. The wallpaper is mostly pure pulp texture, fabric is also an important element in the American country style, the natural color of cotton and linen is the mainstream, the natural sense of fabric and the country style can be well coordinated; All kinds of flowers and plants, exotic ornaments, rocking chairs, small floral cloths, wrought iron products, etc. are all commonly used in the country style.

The American style is more subtle and conservative in terms of color and shape, guided by comfort function, and combines classical shape with modern lines, ergonomics and decorative art furniture style, fully showing the natural and simple characteristics. In the indoor environment strives to express the leisurely, comfortable and natural taste of idyllic life, it has a bit of casualness in the classics, abandoning too much cumbersome and luxury.

In addition, the American country style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully showing the simple flavor of the countryside. The colors of the country style are mainly natural tones, green and earthy brown are more common, especially in the choice of wall colors, natural, nostalgic, and rustic colors have become the first choice.

Introduction of the Jinshuiwan project

The project is located 150 meters north of Qujiangchi South Road, Xi’an, at the edge of the third ring road. The project area is 250.62m². The surrounding transportation is convenient, the supporting facilities are perfect, there is the latest Jindi Plaza, Qujiang Intime City can be shopping. The convenient and fast lifestyle provides an efficient pace of work, walking into the house and being a natural paradise on the other side. Stepping out of the door, there is a chic scenery, creating an optimization of the interior and exterior of the space.

Inspired by the American style

The golden jade building platform into the painting,

The water reflects the moon and the thin smoke cage

The bay is just like the Yao pond view,

A beautiful home is abundant.

“Sense of return” is the only appeal put forward by the owner, which contains a sense of belonging, which is the feeling of every prodigal son or traveler living in the city, seeking warmth and nature in a personal space, the designer uses unique design thinking to define the American style from a new definition, giving the space another unique American feeling, enjoying a comfortable and comfortable lifestyle in the space, so natural living conditions are dragging the vulgar American country style…

The overall apartment type is square and orderly, dynamic and static are separated, functional partitions are reasonably distributed, and different activities have different spaces. The kitchen and bathroom are separated from the living room and bedroom, and to a certain extent, the separation of dry and wet is achieved. The space is rich and functional, and the lifestyle of leisure and sports is not disturbed, which has advantages in both work and life.

Spatial reality


Deer antlers are placed on the wall of the entrance door, and as soon as you enter the space, there is a peaceful and natural atmosphere, such as life, it seems that there is always a special connection with the space, or comfortable and comfortable, or continuous, conveying a symbol of precious beauty, so that people living in this space have a sense of continuity.

A long corridor, a kind of belonging, a soft eye, a righteous eye. Filled with the wisdom and acumen of the brave.

In addition, in addition to highlighting the nature of the space, the use of multi-element colors makes the space flexible, and the local embellishments of the wall decorations add a unique sense of layering, and the designer not only creates a sense of cutting-edge fashion, but also makes the space warm and natural.

A corner of the living room

The designer is ingenious, taking the strong humanistic color of the city as the background, combined with modern design concepts to draw the harmony and nature of the space, looking up at the color tone of different gray levels, gentle lines, and just the right rhythm, creating an American style of vulgarity and nature.

A fresh yellow color on the wall makes the space comfortable and elegant, showing more natural penetration, and the fresh and elegant fabric is embellished in the American style wallpaper to create a relaxed atmosphere.

In the American country style, the floor uses a large area of wooden boards while partially equipped with carpets, which plays a role in embellishment and decoration while meeting the function. The carpets in the living room and bedroom in this scheme are mainly made of blue and dark green, which has a feeling of returning to nature, and also shows the leisurely and comfortable taste of rural life.

The color of the bedroom is mainly natural tones, and the wallpaper is green pure pulp texture, which vividly expresses the typical characteristics of this American countryside natural nostalgia, and the whole bedroom is decorated with warm and soft sets of fabrics, and at the same time is very unified in soft decoration and color. The low four-poster bed is the visual center of the bedroom, with gold carved decoration, giving a very stylish feeling of dark gold.

The restaurant’s off-white color accentuates the gentleness and freshness. The elegant wine cabinet gives the whole room a sense of ritual in the style of life, and the dark gray floor makes the space complement each other.


The study room maintains the usual extraordinary quality, spacious and simple, but without losing the natural and harmonious style, wrapped in the sea of books, the layout of the area where the turns and intersects has a unique style, simple and natural, and can have more spiritual enjoyment.

Furniture brand positioning

Most of the furniture used in this case is the Markor Justine series.

Founded in 2001, Markor Furniture Chain Co., Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises in Asia and one of the top furniture exports, with high-quality products with a solid European and American market.

In all chain stores, Markor has arranged nearly 100 real exhibition rooms with furniture and various soft and hard decorations; Form a simple and fashionable artistic lifestyle. At the same time, Markor also provides lamps, decorative ornaments, decorative paintings, carpets, bedding, curtains and other household items that match the style of furniture, so that customers can get one-stop satisfaction of all dreams of building a home, so that the desired interior decoration effect is perfectly reflected.

Designer introduction

Zhu Ruixin (Tom), space designer, founder of Jiurui Space Creative Design Office

Destylization advocate and emerging design leader in China

Zhu Ruixin’s design team is committed to customizing unique high-end residential spaces for China’s elite, and has been committed to the custom design of high-end luxury villas for more than ten years, combining contemporary art elements with original design with rich experience and profound literacy, creating more modern aesthetic style space art works. Artistic and fashion elements, combining lifestyle and aesthetic consciousness to interpret the spatial concept of Issey Miyake, has completed many private villa mansion and model room design projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The residential design and construction projects of high-end aesthetic appeals are also by Zhu Ruixin’s design team, which has created Zhu Ruixin’s design team’s outstanding achievements in the field of private residential custom space design.”

Over the years, he has participated in projects such as (Olive International, Alpine Flowing Water, Waterfront Oriental, Waterfront East City, Villa Courtyard, Dayehai Health Club, China Communications Group Office Building, Pucheng Bauhinia Private Club, Lin Yin Tianxia, Zhonghai Bo Palace, Zhonghai Dongjun, Villa Model Room, Redstone Manor Model House, Dianchi Longan) life…

Achievements and Honors:

In 2018, he won many industry awards such as 40UNDER40 Design Outstanding Youth

In 2017, he was rated as the image ambassador of Xi’an architectural decoration industry

In March 2017, he was named the 2016 Outstanding Designer

In 2016, the design project of Daye Sea Retreat Club was completed, redefining the TCM physiotherapy and healing space

In 2016, the Cross-Strait Multi-Strait Design Forum was invited as a guest to discuss with well-known designers from many regions

In 2016, he participated in the art expression space design activity and was nominated as an art space master

At the end of 2015, he shared the nesting road with Xi’an designers and shared case studies

In November 2015, in the jury of the 6th Nesting Award, his work: Relief won the Excellence Award in the Entertainment Space Solution Category

In 2015, we joined hands with multi-regional developers to jointly develop the design and direction of future living space

In October 2015, he won the New Design Award in the 2nd Kyocera Cup New Chinese Design Competition

In 2014, he was a guest radio guest to explain the decoration and design knowledge to the general audience

In 2014, he was named Innovative Designer of the Year

2013 China Design Rising Star

In 2012, he was awarded the Chinese rookie to Taiwan for cross-strait design exchanges

2011 Shenzhen New Design Magazine cover figure

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Photo push courtesy: Tie Xiaohui, Sun Yan, Xue Kexin, Zhang Enhua

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