32 draws


1 bedroom


20 thousand

People are different, although the impact is great when you see it at first sight, but people’s habits are also comfortable! That’s what home is all about

Below is her renovation diary! Although it is small, there is no gorgeous decoration and it is not very tall (the total budget is 20,000), but she piled it up bit by bit! Full of sweetness and happiness.


“Not many pictures were taken,

The room is small, and it is enough to express!

The living room is a little empty here, and after the decoration is good, I asked a friend who learned to paint to help me paint the wall next to the sofa.

It’s not finished yet.

The sofa is custom-made on Taobao, and I especially like this contrasting feeling. One meter six sofa.

The coffee table is a small cabinet left by Haier before, and I bought a sticker wallpaper to paste,

The computer desk next to the sofa is also wallpapered.

I especially liked the nutcracker, so I bought several and put them at home.

Pots are bought in the market,

The table flag on the coffee table was sewn by myself, and I was particularly excited when I saw this big red flower cloth in the store, so I bought some,

I didn’t expect it to be very good.

The living room chandelier is also Taobao, because it is a transformation, and I don’t want to chisel the wall too much, so I pulled the bright line, but it didn’t affect much.

Originally, it was planned to separate the lights in the living room and dining room, but after all, the space is very small, and I don’t think it’s necessary.

The chandelier was installed in the middle of the entire hall. Next to the computer desk is the dining table.

I also plan to make a background wall on the side of the dining table later, because the 3.4-meter ceiling height looks a bit empty.

The dining table was painted with old paint.

I like the photo wall very much, and I also bought it from Taobao, but the two of us basically don’t watch TV, so I didn’t buy TV for the time being.

The original cabinet is a figure-of-7, black countertop, big red cabinet door, I think special soil,

I chose a set of white European-style ones, and I liked them very much.

The bottom is all replaced, the upper wall cabinet only replaced the cabinet door, the cabinet body is still the original, because it is still very good, there is no need to change.

The black wall sticker is the original, I can’t tear it off, so I don’t care, so be it.

Below is my favorite pink room~~

As mentioned before, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of the dog, and it is just the two of us to live, I will not make the room door, originally planned to make a sliding door.

But it’s also nice to make a curtain

The carpet was so cute, loved it.

HelloKitty’s curtains were also bought by Taobao.

I looked at the dresser a lot, all of them were white, and I was going to buy white, but then I accidentally saw one with pink

Without thinking about it, I bought it directly, and I really love pink.

Finally let my baby shine up,

She now feels that under the dresser is her nest, so she can’t leave, haha.

I don’t think the house needs to be too big, as long as two people have a place to live and live happily and happily. ”

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Do you like such decoration? The decoration is actually very relaxed!

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