The harsh cold of winter has made almost all MMs focus more on how to dress and keep warm. And the autumn and winter smog, as an invisible killer, is also silently shrouded and sneaks up on everyone. And the trend of masks has also blown a whirlwind in the fashion industry, let’s take a look at these beautiful masks.

These flower-like lace masks are inspired by the “flash in the pan” design. Just as an accessory for sunny winter weather, the face under the lace material is faintly obscured, revealing the elegance and mystery of women.

Colorful butterfly masks are the sexiest stunners. Flamboyant, with tone. With the costume of Bollingbring, draped in a colorful silk scarf, stepping on the wind, walking head-on, it definitely earned enough eyeballs!

But in real life, most anti-smog MMs wear masks and their faces are particularly wide, so how can they be beautiful and healthy anti-smog? Miss does not eat lotus root, today I want to plant a wave of small-face masks for all MM.

The simple hand-drawn style, on disposable round masks, is probably the most free form of expression. The edges of the round masks are very tight, basically covering the mouth and nose, highlighting the narrowest part of the MM’s face. MMs can make disposable masks at home DIY!

The same style as your idol, Luhan, this Zeta Korean mask, cleverly hollowed out the material at the cheeks, the X-shaped design is full of personality. While resisting smog, the MM can feel very light when you wear it.

The same classic black, hip-hop European and American dark elements, more unique! With a baseball cap with the same dark elements, leaving a cold and melancholy look, with a loose jacket jacket and a stylish little leather skirt, the single tone is very sultry!

The smog is menacing, so choose a cold mask with a breathing valve! Three-dimensional design close to the face to modify the shape of the face. The solid color is very tacit to make up a couple’s match, and your partner wears a couple outfit, even the mask!

The pattern on the mouth and nose naturally conceals the breathing valve quickly. The white pattern and black background color contrast, highlighting the three-dimensional line at the mouth and nose, MM wears a mask, the nose still looks high. The visual attention is highly focused on the bright pattern on the front end, and the flesh on both sides of the cheek is also shyly put away.

A sporty mesh mask with a symmetrical design that defines the face line. With sportswear of the same color, you are outdoors in winter, and you also have a strong sense of aura!

The ultra-three-dimensional flower plaid mask, stripes and mask background color are matched with the same color shade, so that the entire mask shape design is close to the human face. MMs wear masks and small faces, sweet and lively, which is a combination of super age-reducing elements!

Whether it’s short hair with bangs, or long hair tied up, the plaid elements can be easily held! Put on a small cap, dress up in riverside blue, say goodbye to the dull dark colors, and color up all winter.

Orange plaid element masks with large ruffles top hats, winter small faces are standard them!

Autumn and winter should be anti-smog, but also beautiful and anti-haze. These masks with a simple, unobtrusive but stylish design, can be combined casually to achieve the magical effect of modifying the face line. MMs put on small face masks together and let passers-by be jealous!

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