Brushed black pantyhose, classic and versatile, is an indispensable style for autumn and winter, not particularly dazzling, but always comes with just the right amount of warmth, high-stretch brushed tights, which are very inclusive of leg shapes.

This is a shallow pressure thin pantyhose, not the kind of tighter tightness that is worn Oh~ This one will be a little tight when worn, but it is very comfortable behind the upper body, not leek, that is, the effect of thinning is different from person to person.

A pair of shiny stockings, party party, a variety of color options, a great feeling! You’re the center of attention, and the fashion princess at the party Oh wear a shiny one.

Kitten embroidered cotton pantyhose, leggings, leggings that every girl needs. The knees and soles of the feet are embroidered cats, which is very cute.

Spring and Autumn Light pressure tummy tuck lift healthy slimming leg socks, the average person can adapt to the slight pressure, very comfortable to wear.

In winter, the new solid color pile thickened leggings, wavy surface, full of fashion, slim and thin, the upper body effect is very good~

Cotton thickened grain MUJI export Korean tail single pantyhose, a must-have item in autumn and winter, slim and comfortable will not disappoint your beautiful legs.

It has a good slimming effect and allows you to show off your summer-like legs even in winter! Say goodbye to your bloated body in winter, and take action to make yourself more beautiful and charming!


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