【Product Name】Tuozhiyuan

【Product attributes】Pu’er raw tea

【Specification】100g/box, 80boxes/piece

【Date of manufacture】2014

【Product price】24 yuan / box (for more brands of Pu’er tea product price quotation, please refer to the “Pu’er Price > Other Brands” column of Say Tea Network)

【Product features】Tuo tea, named because it was founded in Xiaguan, Yunnan, an important town of the Tea Horse Road. The prototype of Tuo tea has a long history, and Zheng Sanzhong of the Ming Dynasty “Dian Luo” recorded: “The Shishu used it, all Pu tea, steamed and tuan.” In 1902, some tea merchants in Xiaguan were continuously improved on the basis of “girl group tea”, creating a shape shaped into a bowl of “brick tea”, Yunnan dialect called the round block “砣”, so Tuo tea was originally called Tuo tea. (Source of this article: Yunnan Xiaguan Tuo Tea Group official website, pictured: 2014 Xiaguan Tuo Tea “Tuo Zhiyuan” Pu’er Sheng Tea)

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