Small and easy to use, easy to dust removal, 70 miles car vacuum cleaner evaluation

Little friends who own cars must have the same trouble, that is, dust removal in the car is very troublesome. Even if we go to wash the car, it is generally only to clean the outside, and it is rare to clean the interior of the vehicle in detail, at this time we need to prepare a car vacuum cleaner. IDE0007 has also evaluated a lot of vacuum cleaners before, but most of them are not very easy to use, either noisy, or low power, or bulky, and today I want to experience this 70 buy car vacuum cleaner is a very small and portable, very beautiful appearance of the product, should provide a lot of help for your vehicle dusting.

Judging from the packaging box, this vacuum cleaner is not too big, and the white box is printed with the appearance of a vacuum cleaner, as if it is a long strip of products, so how does it work?

The overall appearance of the 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner is such a cylindrical strip, the front is the suction nozzle, the tail is the handle, and a round switch button and three power indicators can be seen at the top.

The figure of the 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner is small, and it does not feel heavy in the hand, and you can see that there are many small holes on the side, and there is the exhaust vent. Looking at this shape, maybe it can be used for self-defense at critical moments.

At the bottom, you can see that it uses Type-C charging interface, 5V3A power input, the actual test charging speed is still very fast, and the battery life is also very good, and a charge can be used for a long time.

The front end of the 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner, which adopts a flat mouth design, so that when holding a vacuum, the tilt angle of 45° can cover the entire surface of the object, providing the best suction effect.

The structure of the 70Mai car vacuum cleaner is very simple, the entire fuselage and the vacuum cleaner can be separated, and the fuselage part is the motor, which is responsible for providing wind vacuuming; The vacuum cleaner includes both filtering and storage functions, and is composed of components such as filters, which are simple and convenient.

In addition to the charger part, there is also a long vacuum cleaner extension in the random accessories, which allows the vacuum cleaner to vacuum in some narrow gaps and clean the vehicle more cleanly.

The 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner is also very simple and convenient to use, just hold the handle, press the switch, and then aim the vacuum cleaner to the place to vacuum and move back and forth. It’s so quiet that you can only hear the motor spinning slightly, and the 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner is like a quiet baby compared to the horrible noise vacuum cleaner I experienced before.

Don’t look at its small size, but the suction power is still very good, the small debris and small pebbles under the foot mat in the car can be easily sucked away, a little sucking, you can see that the foot pad has become clean with the naked eye.

Through the translucent vacuum nozzle, you can see that the dust and stones that have been sucked up are collected inside.

Open it and see, wow! I really don’t know if I don’t look at it, I was shocked when I saw it, it turned out that there were so many debris in the foot mat! Dried leaves, small scraps, small pebbles, and even smaller dust were sucked in. In the vacuum nozzle, there is a small one-way “door” that can effectively prevent the sucked debris from falling out.

As a vacuum cleaner product, the 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner only has this filter in the middle of the vacuum cleaner is considered a consumable, and it can be replaced after a period of time, and the maintenance cost is very low.

After the actual experience, I feel that this 70 Mai car vacuum cleaner, which is not much bigger than a mobile phone, is still very good to use, with low noise, large suction power, easy to use, small and portable, and does not occupy a place at all in the car, which is indeed a very good car electrical appliance. If you also want to add a car vacuum cleaner to your car, you may wish to try this 70 Mai product.

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