A good-looking piece of jewelry is the soul of dressing, which can make simple clothing matching instantly brightened! Making good use of jewelry can also turn many basic models into special pieces, making the whole instantly improve by several levels.

What are the top 10 luxury jewelry brands? Today, let’s not talk about Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, which are both expensive and easy to collide, let’s talk about the light luxury jewelry brands that are not expensive and enhance the sense of quality when worn, so that you can easily have a “sense of premium” for less money!

Let’s share some of the top ten light luxury jewelry brands that Xiaobian believes are the most recommended at home and abroad, all of which are the standards of big brands, but have a price close to the people, and the point is that you are no longer afraid of bumping when you go out.

TOP1: Seven man’s niche light luxury jewelry

Reference price: 158-300

Qiman is my recent love and most frequently purchased high-quality jewelry brand, although the speed of the new is not fast, but each one is very classic and versatile, their style belongs to the high-end not easy to outdated niche light luxury design, especially the texture is absolutely worthy of the price, bought their necklace and ring, details, color and texture are very good, not fading and not allergic, wear out once to be praised once the necklace has become my favorite this summer, full score recommendation, planting grass must enter!

TOP2, MASHAIRI light luxury jewelry brand

Reference price: 199-799

This is Mashairi’s jewelry brand, MASHAIRI in the ancient language means “poetry” means jewelry to carry the imagination and spiritual power, most of the styles are smooth and capable, suitable for workplace wear or exquisite dating, more loved by mature young ladies, not suitable for cool sisters, the recent hit drama “Thirty Only” Gu Jia actor Tong Yao sister has worn their earrings, the white moonlight goddess Qin Lan has also picked, recommended to the little sister who likes to wear the same style of stars.

TOP3, YVMIN niche jewelry

Reference price: 139-2600

Youmu is a niche designer jewelry brand co-founded in 2012 by two designers Zhang Xiaoyu and Li Xin, who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Bold style, unique perspective, Song Qian’s earrings are almost all of their home, the series name is also very interesting, such as “sweets”, “strange friends” and Zhou Dongyu’s favorite “physical education class” The most popular “Electronic Girl” series is inspired by artificial intelligence bionic models, subtly highlighting the subtle connection between humans and machines, wearing it you are “Youmu” fashionable girl, this home is more recommended for daily wear fashionable PLMM, not very suitable for commuting.

TOP4, Charlene Young jewelry brand

Reference price: 529-3880

This is a brand under the light luxury jewelry brand Xuanling Jewelry that is very suitable for young people to wear. The most representative of their family is dragonfly style jewelry, dragonfly shape is really very special, rarely see dragonflies on jewelry brands, their necklaces, rings can be engraved, can be engraved with the words they want, this is very commemorative, especially suitable for Valentine’s Day for girls.

The above recommendations are all niche light luxury jewelry brands worth buying in China, and the next thing to share is some foreign brands that are also worth buying, niche good-looking and not expensive!

TOP5, Wandering youth Korean designer brand

Reference price: 100+

The new jewelry brand from South Korea, Xinya, Lisa, Song Yanfei have worn this brand, which is now hot on ins, the hottest one is the style of butterflies, the design is the popular YSK style, the color is full, cute and flexible, a small “butterfly” on the chest as an embellishment, exquisite and fashionable.

TOP6, Stone henge jewelry brand

Reference price: 1000+

Or a brand from South Korea, it is relatively well-known in South Korea, after Jun Ji-hyun starred in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, all kinds of the same style followed the fire, and then the Korean drama “Why is Secretary Kim like that” Secretary Kim planted another wave. With “simple & clean” as the design concept, the pursuit of the ultimate curve, wearing is very elegant, very suitable for working girls to wear when dating.

TOP7, Chomel niche accessories

Singapore’s local jewelry brand, has a history of more than 20 years, known as the little “Dior”, exquisite style, there are many moonstone and pearl materials, small fairies, their family closely follows the trend, the update speed is very fast, the price is still close to the people, but each store has only a few of each model, sold out, especially its broken king shell necklace is really difficult to grab!

TOP8, Osewaya Japanese popular jewelry

Reference price: 50-500+

This is a Japanese brand, Japanese ladies daily pick shop, Ishihara Satomi is wearing affordable jewelry, the style is sweet and fresh, the point is really affordable, many good-looking styles less than a hundred pieces can have, their family Alice in Wonderland, starry sky, cherry blossom series just listen to the name to feel super romantic, very suitable for daily wear sweet fairy wind little sister, the only regret is that this store is currently only Shanghai has Oh.

TOP9, Glam Ever light luxury jewelry brand

Reference price: 50-1299

Glam Ever is a young British brand founded in 2013, a variety of super girls, are popular notes, moon, stars and rhinestone elements, two or three hundred is not lost to big names, many stars also love to buy in private, and many star bloggers have made joint models, sisters who often attend some slightly formal occasions can take a look at this one.

TOP10, Avec NewYork niche jewelry brand

Reference price: 265-300+

This is a niche jewelry brand in New York, but the founders are actually a pair of Korean twin sisters who graduated from Parsons, so many Korean stars have worn its products, their family has a lot of pearls mixed with metal elements, retro and avant-garde, exquisite and free spirited American romantic tones, recommended for free-spirited and sophisticated fashionable girls.

Today, I will share so much first, all of them are ten light luxury jewelry brands that I have combined with texture and design, and I really can have a sense of luxury for less money!

Reference price: 100+

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