The pile of thermal underwear is divided into several kinds of pile thermal underwear is mainly divided into these four, namely: pearl fleece, non-tumbling fleece, fleece, and fleece. Fleece thermal underwear is indeed warm, and people who are afraid of cold can choose fleece. Although it is less warm without pile, it is comfortable to wear. The pile is the stuffy warmth, easy to sweat, static electricity and dander and other problems.

The four main materials for fleece

1. Pearl down: Pearl down is a kind of material that can achieve special functions such as moisture-proof and warmth through special processing. Nowadays, pearl wool on the market is mainly used to make dressing gowns, baby products, children’s clothing, clothing lining, shoes and hats.

2. Non-tumbling: Non-tufting is similar to a kind of vertical pile fabric. The luster without tufting is good, and it is elastic and soft to the touch. Nowadays, non-tufting on the market is mainly used to make pants, with tight, slim, warm, soft and other effects. It is deeply loved by the majority of women who love beauty. 3. Shake fleece: Shake fleece, also known as cashmere, has a complex production process. The front of the fabric is brushed, fluffy and dense, and it is not easy to shed and pill. The reverse side is sparse and symmetrical, fluffy and elastic

4. Fleece: Fleece clothing is a kind of thermal insulation fabric with excellent warmth, which is often used to make the interior of winter clothes. The fabric is comfortable, soft and elastic.

How to distinguish the quality of the inner velvet of thermal underwear

1. Touch by hand: the inner velvet of the thermal underwear is instead, touch it with your hand, good thermal underwear is very soft, elastic and very good; And poor thermal underwear is hard to the touch and lacks elasticity. You can put two kinds of thermal underwear together and compare them.

2. Look with your eyes: good quality thermal underwear looks fine, very uniform, while the poor is very coarse, and the thickness is uneven, in the shape of strips.

3. Pull it: some thermal underwear is deformed not long after wearing, the neckline and cuffs become very large, while the middle section is reduced; When purchasing, pull with both hands to see if it cannot be restored to its original state with one pull.

4, put on the skin to rub: thermal underwear is usually not try-on, but the inner velvet part can be close to the stomach, legs, rub it, experience whether there is a rough, prickly skin feeling, if there is, then don’t buy, otherwise it will hurt the skin more after wearing.

5. Pulling the hair of the inner pile: When looking at the thermal underwear, you can pull the hair of the inner pile by hand, if it falls off, it means that the quality is very poor, and it is likely to fall off in the future. 6. Washing situation: good quality thermal underwear will not be deformed when washed in the washing machine, but if the quality is very poor, it is likely to fade and deform; When buying, if you can’t be sure that the quality is very good, buy only one piece first. Make sure the quality is good, and then buy the second piece.

The principle of dressing and keeping warm

The principle of dressing and keeping warm is achieved by reducing heat conduction, that is, clothing retains heat through convection between the heat of the cold air body surface. Therefore, if you want to dress and keep warm, you must reduce heat conduction! From this point of view, usually when we wear multiple layers of clothing, we should pay attention to retaining the air between the interlayers, so as to reduce heat conduction. This can also explain the saying that wearing many pieces of clothing does not necessarily keep warm, the less air in the interlayer of clothing, the faster the heat conduction. If you want to dress warmly in winter, you must first remember these three points: thin and soft inside, warm in the middle, and windproof outside. As long as you wear these three layers of clothing, and protect your head, neck, hands and feet, knees and other parts that are particularly afraid of cold, remember to wear a hat and tie a scarf when you go out, you can protect yourself from cold weather.

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