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Every girl can take advantage of clothing pieces

Fashion styling to express yourself,

And you can have different fashion insights in different seasons. Short-sleeved skirts are not popular, and this year’s popular is “long-sleeved dresses”, which are cool and comfortable and sunscreen.

So for summer,

The design form of the dress,

It has become the first choice for most women’s clothing. In the summer, your “bye meat” can’t be hidden? “Long-sleeved dresses” solve puzzles and are refined and elegant.

Since there are many types of styles that dresses can choose from, Xiaobian chose one of them, that is

The way long sleeve dress is designed

, I hope that through the following content, you can have a more selective in skirt matching.

The matching role of long-sleeved dresses

Dresses with long sleeves can do something in the summer to resist

Strong sunlight as well as ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, the design form of long sleeves can also be

The part of the female arm performs a masking effect

, so even girls with fat on their arms can experience the charm of the fashion shape brought by dresses with long-sleeved designs.


Take advantage of the designed clothing pieces

To better create the feminine elegant temperament image charm on the self.

The basic type of long-sleeved dress

Long sleeve dress with large print pattern design

If you want to use long-sleeved dresses to highlight the fashion elements, then look at the dress

Special design method adopted.

The design form of the print is very familiar to everyone.

But for the pattern of prints, if you want to create a sense of personality, this

Large print design way

It has played a big role in long-sleeved dresses.

The presentation of the overall shape has been added

More visual artistic color display

to make this long-sleeved dress more dynamic. In addition, it also has the matching taste of some Hong Kong-style clothing, which is very feminine.

Long sleeved dress with irregular skirt cut

For long-sleeved people, if wanted

If you achieve an eye-catching effect

, then at the hem of the skirt can suggest that you choose a long-sleeved dress with an irregular cut design, because this design method can be said to be very ingenious in terms of tailoring.

And this irregular design will also bring long-sleeved dresses

More layered expressive tension

, and this is for women, this design method will not be too ostentatious, so in fact, if you travel daily, you can also choose this design of long-sleeved dresses, which can be said to be full of fashion.

Long-sleeved dress with different fashion elements paneled together

Most of the design choices for splicing elements with highlights are mainly will

Two or more

The color design of the elements that differ greatly is structured in the same garment.

For long-sleeved dresses, this stitching form with a large color difference

It will have a lot of fashionable embodiment

。 But in comparison, the dress designed in this way is more personal, and it is very bold in design, and it is completely based on the designer’s own preferences to match and choose.

Then such clothing, in the usual clothing choices

The difficulty factor with this style will be on the high side

。 Some long-sleeved dresses that are said to be unmanageable by the average person cannot be used in this way.

Long-sleeved dress with a single solid color design

The easy way to design it is in a long-sleeved dress

Choose from a single color system

, and then such a color system can be a basic color or a color column, but mainly in a color in the long-sleeved dress, then this design method will be visually aspect

More coordinated.

Then on the other hand, it will also be through such things to choose the overall clothing is to add a bit of elegance in terms of style, its only charm

More ladylike

, and such a single design choice may be relatively poor in terms of fashion performance in six years, but this does not affect the high-end style of the overall clothing.

A long-sleeved dress with a high-waist design feeling

In fact, for long-sleeved dresses, you can also do it

Adopt some high-waisted design methods

Although it is a one-piece design, it can be paired with a small piece with a belt to visually present this high-waist design style.

Then the biggest advantage of such a design is that it can

Magnify the proportion of the woman’s waist

, and will increase by one degree, making the proportion of women’s bodies into a golden ratio of optical illusion, showing more figure.

In this case, the whole person will be because of this

Small embellishments make it even more tall

‘s temperament, and in terms of styling, it is also very bright, although you can see that such a small item is not conspicuous, but his role in the overall clothing is still very important.

Long-sleeved dress with a loose fit design

In the general impression of most people, dresses

It’s just suitable for some skinny girls

, but in fact, for those more fat female friends, you can also choose long-sleeved dresses.

It’s just that in terms of fit, you may have to choose that

, because the loose design style will be more free in the daily travel collocation, without too much constraint, and this

There are not many requirements for a woman’s figure

, so you can be bold and try this type of clothing.

Long-sleeved dresses with different design forms at the neckline

Long sleeve dress with doll collar design

In fact, for long-sleeved dresses, except for the skirt, you can

Adopt some special design methods

, Naturally, it is also indispensable for a special tailoring method for small parts such as a small neckline.

For example, the long-sleeved crowd of doll collar design, such a neckline design seems to have a more age-reducing effect, so it is said

Women will look younger

, especially has a girly cute and sweet feeling, so if you like this style of ladies, you can try this long-sleeved dress with a baby-face design.

Long-sleeved dress in the form of a pleated V-neck design

Then a stark contrast to the baby-face design is a knitted collar long-sleeved dress with a pleated design, then this type of design method

Will pass the pleated design

, coupled with the V-neck design form, the female face has a shrinking effect.

This allows you to define the contours of your face

It looks more three-dimensional

, and in terms of style, most of the long-sleeved dresses with such a design method are still biased towards some mature temperament, so the style presented by the doll collar can be said to be completely opposite to the two forms.

The basic fabric design of long-sleeved dresses

Long-sleeved dress with glossy silver fabric design

In addition to some of the fabric choices involved in everyday life, there is actually something about

Some special design fabrics,

It can also be used in long-sleeved dresses.

Take shiny silver fabrics, for example

Choice is a more characteristic way of selection, so such a fabric is relatively old and unpopular, mainly able to catch the public’s attention or because it is a mirror feeling in the design of the fabric.

So both in terms of gloss, or

In terms of creating a sense of fashion

It’s all unbeatably unique. But maybe such a fabric has low comfort in the upper body, and the breathability is not as good as other fabrics, so his daily use is still worse.

Long-sleeved dress with light gauze fabric design

Light gauze fabric should be a fabric method that most dresses often choose, because such a design is both from breathability and rising comfort

All belong to the forefront

And such a light gauze design will also bring more flowing feelings to the dress, the whole person looks very distinct, and if you go on a daily trip,

It is also very simple and convenient

of not having too much of a heavy and heavy feeling.

The style of most long-sleeved dresses is displayed

For long-sleeved dresses in daily life, most of the styles are still displayed

Prefer some casual style

, because such clothing items are often the biggest reason why female friends will choose him is because it is convenient for everyone’s daily travel, and it will not have too much.

Other design combinations need to be thought of

Some of the difficult problems in matching clothing items

, and such a style advantage is also an important reason why many female friends are moved.

Long-sleeved dresses themselves are still rich in some of the fashion charms. So for female friends, you must already be there

Have a general understanding in mind

I hope that you can reasonably and flexibly apply the advantages of the long-sleeved dress, play its role, and show your own personal experience in the matching.

Long-sleeved dress with a loose fit design

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