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I used to recommend colorful items, so let’s return to the basic refreshing white today! Recently, I have seen many female celebrities wearing white dresses in private clothes. The Sandro white dress worn by Zhong Chuxi is so fairy~

Zhao Lusi put on a white shirt skirt, and also put on Bvlgari’s sweet corn-colored bag, and her sweetness became a mature little adult.

Yang Caiyu tied a vintage black belt on the layered dress to echo the strappy sandals, which is worthy of being a French style beauty.


Song Yuqi’s airport look wore a black polo shirt with PikPak’s white strap skirt, so youthful.

The white color scheme can be said to be handy, and a set of all white can hold a variety of styles. It’s like the commuter party wants to take a calm route, and then carry a black bag.

Black and white matching is yyds, and Sakura Girl can take this basic and classic color matching out of her own cute girly road sense.

Fresh or pure white × sky blue, looking at the day will be a good mood.

Zhou Yutong has been a lot of girls recently! A color-block collared shirt and twelve-point jeans are cute and show off your figure. The full set is from MIU MIU.

Hong Ji-yoon put SINOON’s vintage white dress out of his sweet cool style, mixing and matching a pair of twelve-point white jeans and sneakers.

Pure white × sweet corn has slowly become a fixed-grade color since last year, which will be softer and more layered than all white.

If you want to be more tender, you can’t fail to mention this year’s must-have cream yellow.

Well, let’s recommend a wave of beautiful items I’ve found recently!

White dress

White dresses are like treasures that can’t be dug up no matter how much you dig, and every once in a while a batch of good-looking new dresses will emerge.

Like my new New York brand, Mara Hoffman, there are a lot of beautiful white dresses that many bloggers wear. It’s just that the price is a little expensive.


Shipping label Gaala has put a little thought into the classic square-necked dress, and the lace-up design behind it makes the whole thing a lot more sophisticated.

The Japanese girl brand The Girls Society is also too dreamy, and the upper body is a little princess!

Ginger ale, which is also a big skirt, is a completely different and elegant atmosphere.

Isn’t the big special skirt even more partial!

Minuit’s hem with a white thread embroidered flora and cute wavy edges.

The vest skirt should still be selected around the middle of the thigh this year.

Blogger Alyssa Coscarelli wears this from Spanish brand Amlul.

Posse’s little dress is so cute no matter how many times you look at it, and the round hole on the chest has a summer atmosphere.

The simple white slip dress is also very energetic when worn on the body!

From sports brand Outdoor Voices, I also brought my own leggings.

JustBadtemper’s tennis dress is also sporty, and the lemon yellow tennis embroidery on the chest is particularly fresh.

White top

Lately, I’ve been particularly obsessed with vintage white shirts, which are simple enough to be super eye-catching. I found that many French girls like to wear a simple pair of white jeans directly, which is refreshing and super good-looking!

This year, many brands have replaced the buttons with strappy designs, which can be used not only as shirts but also as small coats.

Studio Bllanc is a Parisian brand that specializes in white shirts, and these two lace-up white shirts are absolutely beautiful!

The style of the Korean girl brand SINOON is even more cute and plus, especially the small shoulder on the right, beauty and sun protection.

Taobao brand SimpleRetro’s Victorian-inspired little top will be lighter and thinner, perfect for a slip skirt jacket.

Taobao brand big-necked shirts are also getting better and better, and Newcc Studio’s big ruffles are too fairy!

Tetu Studio’s collar is designed to allow you to have right-angled shoulders in a second, which is especially friendly to thick-shouldered stars.

Ginger ale is really good at making lace shirts, and the small A-line shape not only hides meat but also reduces age.

Oversized white shirts are perfect for wearing all white.

Especially white shirts with a bit of sheer feel are OK to use as layering or as a jacket for sun protection.

Fullfree’s small stand collar is paired with puff sleeves that can be salted or sweetened.


Recently, I have seen many white polo shirts matched.

Japanese brand Aclent also came out with a short model, the bud hem is so cute! Sports girls can rush ~

Taobao brand Dailyart’s balloon sleeves have a French flair and are crocheted with a delicate lace.

The small suspender has been written about it before, and this time I will recommend some new grass. Sun Yi: This piece is from the Taobao brand Aili.

Juemi’s stylized suspenders are also too sexy! The strap design on the back is so like~

Eimy istoire’s hem is also paneled with long tulle, perfect for wearing on vacation to blockbuster films.

Sleeveless T-shirts are a summer must-have for Sakura girls, and they are cool and sun-protected with long skirts, and you can also try wearing them with suspenders or slip skirts.

You can find a lot of them in MANGO, and I helped you pick two pieces.

Cyan magazine MER recently launched its own brand Mikke, and this sleeveless shirt is super cute!

White bottoms

The flowy white dress is tailor-made for summer and is a must-have for anyone.

Every time I talk about long dresses, I will definitely mention COCO DEAL, and the sheer fishtail is really elegant.

In fact, N.O.R.C is also a long skirt professional, and the style is more commuting, and the work party can try it.

The A-line umbrella skirt is particularly friendly to all body types, with a high-waist design, which can hide flesh and show off the thin waist and thin calves.

CAREMIND’s silhouette is like a tulip, and the sheer mercerized fabric looks particularly good when walking.

The most special thing is Lily Brown’s lace-segmented irregular skirt, which is an irresistible beauty.

If you wear pants, you will undoubtedly choose a loose fit that is cool and shaded in summer.

Korean brand Lvir has paneled dark brown leather at the waist, which is quite special.

Small people are more recommended cropped wide-leg pants that show their ankles.

Fullfree This one will be a little looser, the upper body feels fluffy, cute up!

Shorts are still indispensable in the heat, and Sees Turtledove’s streamlined bud waist doesn’t feel too complicated, and the five-minute length is just enough to hide the flesh of the thighs. (I bought the top)

That’s it for today’s sharing,

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