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Recently, Wang Jizhe, an elderly man who lives alone in the Gudun community of Gudang Street, Hangzhou, has a 24-hour online “health nanny”.

“This little watch hair is easy to use.” Uncle Wang, 64, is recommending this always-on “nanny” to his old buddy.

Wang Jizhe is a busy person, getting up every morning for a morning run, and going to the community to give English classes to the elderly in his spare time, which is full of arrangements.

As he gets older, how to deal with unexpected situations in his body becomes his biggest concern.

“I live alone, and I didn’t pay much attention to my body before. Once, when I was running in the morning, I suddenly felt uncomfortable, my blood pressure and heartbeat were not good when I looked at my watch, and I received a test call from the Great Love Center to inquire about the situation, so I could seek medical attention immediately. Wang Jizhe recalled his last experience, “Fortunately, this watch can be monitored anytime, anywhere.” ”

The watch is a health care smart watch distributed to the elderly by Gudang Street and Zhejiang Daai Elderly Affairs Center (hereinafter referred to as “Daai Center”). When wearing the watch daily, the watch will automatically measure the blood pressure, heart rate of the elderly, exercise step counting, etc., to assist the elderly living alone in daily health management.

The watch is equipped with a 24-hour emergency call function. When the elderly need help, they can call for help through the emergency call button on the watch.

The information platform equipped with this smart watch will regularly upload data through the watch worn by the elderly every day to timely understand the home health status of the elderly. If the data of the elderly is not uploaded on that day, the staff of the Great Love Center and the community will visit the elderly by phone or visit the door to carry out care and condolences to the elderly.

No children, no daughters, no wife, how should the elderly living alone and widows care at home? In addition to being equipped with smart watches, the Gudun community weaves a “safety net” for the elderly to be smart for the elderly.

“Smart medical care is a new exploration of home care, and for the elderly with different needs, we use a variety of solutions to solve the needs of the elderly.” The relevant person in charge of the community introduced that the elderly with heart disease can monitor their heart rate 24 hours a day by wearing a “single-channel ECG recorder”; The elderly with hypertension will monitor their blood pressure regularly every day, and the data can be transmitted to the platform in real time.

The elderly only need to download the APP on their mobile phones, and they can connect with cardiovascular disease doctors 24 hours a day, timely predict the physical condition, and provide medical guidance and help.

It is reported that in response to the emergency situation of elderly residents, the smart platform operation center also has two sets of treatment plans, the mild alarm mechanism is activated, the center will check the condition of the elderly according to the positioning of the monitor, and the professional doctor will be connected to the scene to give guidance; When the situation is more serious, the center will call 120 as soon as possible to help the elderly seek medical treatment in time, and at the same time immediately notify the family of the elderly.

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