Hello friends! Today we will talk about the Luohan bed in the mahogany furniture.

The higher the grade in traditional Chinese furniture, the stronger the color function. The Luohan bed can not only be used for sleeping, but also has the function of sitting up. With the evolution of history, it has also achieved the unity of aesthetics and function, is widely used, is most closely related to daily life, and has become one of the most popular practical furniture in ancient times.

It is still an important role in the Chinese living room today.

Traditional Chinese culture pays attention to etiquette, and in the ancient cultural context, the level of bed is higher than that of chair, and Luohan bed is a kind of tatami furniture. Throughout the five dynasties of history and the Southern Tang Dynasty’s “Hanxi Night Banquet Map”, you can see the scene of the ancients treating guests with the Luohan bed as the center.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the people, the status of the Luohan bed reached its peak, and its main function was not only for the owner to take a break, but also used to entertain guests, placed in the small hall, main room, study, generally in the middle of a kang table, on both sides laid cushions, welcome pillows, placed in the hall to entertain guests.

The artifacts are elegant and dignified. The Luohan bed was a heavy vessel in the literati’s study, and the tradition of the literati’s study in the Ming Dynasty continued until the Qing Dynasty.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the furniture furnishings in the traditional houses of ancient large families were different, constituting a specific range of activities. However, the arrangement of Luohan bed and tatami furniture is the same, and both must be accompanied by a kang table. In some specific living rooms, the Luohan bed can be arranged at will, and the requirements for identity are relatively vague, there is no distinction between dignity and inferiority, and there are no strict requirements for sitting posture. Different from the shocked kneeling sitting of other furniture, the Luohan bed occupies an important position in people’s spiritual life and material life! From historical records, the Luohan bed is also a light and heavy weapon, most of which appear in all aspects of the harem, especially the emperor’s reading and entertainment places. The Qianlong Emperor loved to sit on the Luohan bed and read books, contemplation or flip through classical calligraphy and painting.

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