Girls buying books are easy to encounter confusion, do not understand the model, do not understand the configuration, do not know the price, so today we will invite the editor to buy the expert Xinzai, let him inventory those suitable for girls, good-looking and cheap notebooks.

Xinzai recommended one: an essential artifact to conquer female bosses

Article link: “Workplace weapon successfully conquered female boss AMD R5 5600U IPS battle 66 Pro A 14 G4 3699 yuan”

AMD’s latest Zen3 mobile processor products are finally here, as one of the first Zen3 manufacturers, HP has launched a cost-effective business book on – Battle 66 fourth-generation Ryzen Edition, priced at 3699 yuan to 4999 yuan to choose from.

In terms of configuration, the R5 5600U is designed with 6 cores and 12 threads, and the R7 5800U is designed with 8 cores and 16 threads, and the cache has increased by 8MB year-on-year, an increase of 66.6% over the previous period; Equipped with DDR4-3200 memory, the dual-slot design can be self-upgraded.

In terms of design, the Battle 66 fourth-generation business book adopts a four-sided narrow border design, a screen-to-body ratio of 87.5%, optional 400nit brightness 100% sRGB high color gamut screen, 1080p resolution, anti-glare, 1 watt low power consumption. This notebook uses high-strength aluminum alloy and 3D-body molding technology, is military certified, 1.375kg to 1.74kg, and supports 180-degree opening and closing.

In other aspects, the machine supports HDMI+USB Type-C (DP) video output, has an upgraded heat dissipation system, large-diameter fan and dual heat pipe rear air outlet silent heat dissipation design, provides improved ultra-silent keyboard (1.5mm long key travel), supports keyboard soft backlight, supports WIFI6 and Bluetooth 5.0, and adopts 802.11ax 2 x 2 dual-band dual antenna.

In addition, the new Battle 66 supports push-type fingerprint recognition, is equipped with an 88° wide-angle camera with adjustable privacy, built-in 45Wh battery, supports fast charging, upgrades USB-C 3.1 Gen2 interface, and also provides a large number of interfaces such as wired network ports, supporting HP Noise Cancellation Software noise reduction technology.

Xinzai recommended two: Eat chicken in two rows with your senior sister

Article link: “Battle a pain! I use ROG Fantasy 13 Mad Senior Sister! The picture is not cool! Kakaka is dead! 》

Recently, there is always a senior sister who clamored to me, saying that she was the first in the school to eat chicken, and no one could PK her, she played in the professional league that year, and then she was forced to give up because of the college entrance examination. I thought to myself, there are everyone, why do you like to brag so much, so I wanted to teach her a good lesson, and we made an appointment to eat chicken. My computer platform is the ROG Phantom 13 game notebook I just bought, the performance is super strong, so when eating chicken, the little sister was completely strangled, in the end, I won the game by an overwhelming margin, after that, she was so strong for me, I said to her, because I used the ROG Phantom 13 Ryzen Edition notebook, one word is strong, two words are really strong, three words, very strong! She gave me a thumbs up.

ROG Phantom 13 is equipped with an exclusive AMD Ryzen 95980HS standard pressure processor, with 8 cores and 16 threads, based on the more mature 7nm process technology and Zen3 architecture. Its performance is comparable to ordinary standard pressure CPUs, while TDP power consumption is only 35W, and this processor is not locked to multiply, so it can be overclocked to further improve performance. With the support of powerful processors, whether it is Office office software, Adobe professional design software or various large-scale applications, ROG Phantom 13 can respond quickly and run stably to meet the diverse needs of work, entertainment and creation.

ROG Phantom 13 built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 laptop GPU with Max-Q design discrete graphics card, using 12nm process technology, with 896 CUDAs, 56 texture units, 32 raster units. Turbo mode with ROGBoost overclocking engine provides up to 1155MHz operating frequency with 35 watts of power consumption, and can increase power consumption by 20W through DynamicBoost mode to unleash higher performance. Doing GPU-accelerated rendering through Adobe on a daily basis is certainly no problem.

In terms of storage, ROG Phantom 13 is equipped with up to 32GBLPDDR4X 4266MHz dual-channel high-speed memory, which consumes 50% less power than ordinary DDR4 memory, and the hard disk can choose up to 1TBTLC particle PCIe SSD. At the same time, ROG Phantom 13 has a complete heat dissipation system solution, double dust fans, ultra-thin heat sinks, three air outlets, four heat pipe design glacier heat dissipation architecture. The cooling effect is obvious.

Xin Zai recommended three: As long as the boss lady dares to release the goods, we dare to grab it

Article link: “The boss lady begs you to sell it to me!” R9 5900HS/16GB/1TB/RTX3050Ti ROG Phantom 13 Blood loss only sold for 9999 yuan》

Do you dare to imagine? A notebook of more than 10,000 yuan, now only sold for 9999 yuan during the summer period, or a short and capable notebook with excellent performance, powerful performance, today I will introduce you to a new product with various advantages, it is ROG Phantom 13 high-performance all-round thin and light book. At present, this book has been sold on Jingdong, with a snap price of 9999 yuan, and has been out of stock for many days, and many players and fans kneel and beg the boss lady to release the goods to snap up. Such a good gamebook, don’t you want to pay attention to it?

ROG Phantom 13 uses Ryzen 9 5900HS mobile processor, using the latest generation of 7nm title process, Zen3 architecture, the highest turbo frequency reaches 4.6GHz, and the peak power consumption is 45 watts, which is what we often call a full-blood version of the processor. Because it is different from the chip with 35W power consumption, the maximum power consumption of the current thin and light notebook is 45 watts, far ahead of its previous generation Ryzen 9 4900HS chip. Using this processor for daily file compression and packaging, video transcoding, and program calculations are not a problem at all.

The most important choice for gaming graphics cards is the RTX30 series high-performance graphics card

For ROG Phantom 13, the earlier version GTX1650 graphics card has been for a while, the upgraded ROG Phantom 13 performance directly stepped into the sky, upgraded to GeForce RTX™ 3050Ti high-performance graphics card, using ROG Phantom 13 for AE rendering, PR video clipping (using CPU and GPU to work together), you can clearly feel the acceleration of rendering speed, an excellent graphics card is bound to increase your work efficiency several times.

The GeForce RTX™ 3050Ti high-performance graphics card is the latest addition to thin and light notebooks, featuring the new RTCore, TensorCore and SM multi-unit stream processors that deliver lifelike ray tracing and advanced AI features like NVIDIA DLSS. GeForce laptops with the new third-generation Max-Q technology use AI and new system optimization options to make the picture display more textured.

360-degree variant design, multi-mode form and full-scene adaptation

Multi-mode notebooks are not uncommon in the market, support 360-degree rotation, can switch in different scenarios, and are more flexible to use. ROG Phantom 13 supports four usage modes, including notebook mode, tablet mode, sharing mode (tent), game mode (stand), users can switch at will, here especially praise the design of the hinge part of this notebook, when switching the use mode, you can feel a good sense of damping. It is also more secure to use.

The screen part is also very good, ROG Phantom 13 adopts a 16:10 ratio 120Hz wide viewing angle IPS screen, the screen covers 100% sRGB color gamut and has passed Pantone color certification. It is especially suitable for users who use ROG Fantasy 13 for artistic creation. The excellent adjustment of color levels and color gamuts can effectively avoid the rework caused by the designer’s color cast problem on the screen.

Equipped with glacier architecture, it has higher heat dissipation efficiency

Due to the multi-modal design, the overall mold is more testing the heat dissipation ability of the side, and the ROG Phantom 13 is also equipped with the GeForce RTX™ 3050Ti high-performance graphics card, which improves the overall performance while also causing an increase in power consumption and heat generation. In order to maintain efficient heat dissipation capacity, ROG Phantom 13 adopts Glacier Heat Dissipation Architecture 2.0, thickened double heat dissipation copper tubes with air convection air outlet design, so that ROG Phantom 13 can maintain good temperature control when used continuously, and there is no hot hand.

It is worth mentioning that ROG Phantom 13 adopts the overall aluminum magnesium alloy design, the whole body is not only beautiful, but also more solid, CNC integrated stamping, with the sandblasting process, more should not be stained with fingerprints. Coupled with the current mainstream WIFI-6 mode, compared with the previous generation of WIFI-5 wall penetration ability is better, the signal is more stable, no matter whether you are playing games or online dramas will not be easily dropped, two-way AI noise reduction function, to ensure that you can make clear calls during video conferences. I have to say that ROG Phantom 13 is a high-performance small steel cannon with outstanding performance, Jingdong’s current explosive price is 9999 yuan, posting a single return 100 yuan E card, irregular replenishment, everyone hurry up and snap up!

Xinzai recommended four: a cost-effective artifact that e-sports ladies and sisters love

Article link: “Tyrannical E-sports Miss i5-11400+RTX3060 Shenzhou God of War TX8-CA5DP exploded 5999 yuan”

Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP, for a limited budget but do not want to compromise in the game experience, many friends will choose a game book with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU, it can be said that this is currently the best choice for both performance and price. Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP is a new product equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU, which is very cost-effective.

The hardware specifications of Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP are: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU, i5-11400, 16GB DDR4-3200MHz, 512GB PCIe SSD, 16.1 inch/Full HD/144Hz/high color gamut/IPS screen, 62Wh battery, daily activity price of 7999 yuan.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU uses the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the second-generation NVIDIA RTX architecture. Compared to the previous generation, the upgrade of NVIDIA Ampere architecture is quite obvious. First of all, the SM multi-unit stream processor is faster and more efficient, and the throughput of FP32 is directly doubled; Secondly, RT Cores is upgraded to the second generation, and the ray tracing performance is stronger; Finally, Tensor Cores was upgraded to the third generation, and the AI computing performance was greatly improved. The three major upgrades make the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series notebook GPU based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture have a very strong performance.

The appearance design is not the focus of Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP, the more attractive part of this product is this 16.1-inch Full HD IPS screen. Its refresh rate is 144Hz, and it officially claims to cover 72% of the high color gamut. 16.1 inches is not common, but the larger screen brings a better visual experience, especially the Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP also adopts a narrow design on three sides, further highlighting the advantages of the large screen and making the game more immersive.

Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP is equipped with eleven generations of Intel Core processors, and it is a desktop version, the model is i5-11400. It has 6 cores and 12 threads, a base frequency of 2.6GHz, a single-core maximum turbo frequency of 4.4GHz, a L3 cache of 12MB, and a TDP of 65W.

Shenzhou Ares TX8-CA5DP is a product with good comprehensive strength, with the blessing of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU, it has the strength to run 3A light tracing masterpieces smoothly. At the same time, this product does not have obvious shortcomings, and has good performance in the performance release and screen that everyone cares about. Coupled with the affordable price of this product, it has a good appeal for the vast majority of players.


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