Stripes should be an old friend that everyone likes, and when they are not pompous, especially when focusing on one-touch dressing, add a little condiment, and they will immediately have a different taste.

※This condiment is black pants and skirts

At first glance, it is inevitable to feel a little dizzy, but when the white in the black and white lines is not a dazzling white, but a warm and very beige, the lower body is no longer a single jeans, but a very well-cut pants and skirt with a considerable material, continuing the simple style, but giving birth to a lot of labels about “personality”~

The skirt has been cut in a multi-piece style that is difficult to identify, and at first glance it seems that there are only a few more skirts of different lengths than ordinary skirts, but in fact, the inside is made of wide pants, and you can take a big step forward when you walk!

As a result, the combination of this striped sweater and plus-size pants and skirt seems to have known each other for a long time, and the sweater is a regular style with a round neck + dropped shoulders, with thickness and softness. The skirt is a semi-elastic set-up, because there is no need to worry too much about the length because of the cut, and both pieces are practical and easy to wear.

I want to throw myself into a big embrace at first sight, and this comfort from sweaters is most easily felt in autumn. And the existence of stripes is nothing more than a sense of security that does not pick people, and the soft touch is suitable for the inner layer of the coat when it is colder.

The reason I like this set is simple: convenience + practicality. The girls probably have a bit of a yearning for sexual freedom in their hearts, without too much decoration or restraint, and they spend the long winter in an orderly and reasonable way.

Oh yes, don’t be afraid of bare legs, it’s cold with leggings, that’s really comfortable! What a refreshing! You can really open your legs!

※Product details display


Size all: shoulder width 62, chest circumference 122, garment length 61, sleeve length 51, hem width 108


Size S: Waist (semi-elastic) 60 Skirt length 81 Irregular hem 234

Size M: waist (semi-elastic) 62 skirt length 82 irregular hem 234

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