I believe that many girls will like simple and classic items such as canvas shoes or small white shoes during college, but when you enter the work, both dressing and shoes should be more exquisite and elegant, if it is in the summer, you must abandon the former student fashion. No matter how high-end your clothes are, shoes are a small detail to highlight your taste, and choosing the right pair of high heels in the summer has become a compulsory lesson for girls.

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There are many girls who will be troubled by their skin color in the summer, feel that no matter what color shoes they wear will make their whole person look dull, at this time must choose red such a warm and vibrant color, block heeled sandals use straps such a ladylike style, the girls soft and delicate reflected, even girls with dull skin do not have to worry, because red is very white.

If you want your aura to be more powerful, then a pair of sandals with small block heels cannot be achieved. Stiletto heels can fully show the elegant side of girls, just like this pair of off-white small high heels, the shoes do not use too many thin belts, but still do a protective design on the side of the instep, even if you wear high heels do not have to worry about injury, girls who pay attention to color matching can also choose a suit skirt of the same color, and the overall aura immediately becomes advanced.

Girls who are very confident in their body and skin color, then you can choose a pair of silver high heels, the style of this pair of high heels will be a very good protection of the instep of the girl, even if it is a girl who wears high heels for the first time, do not have to worry about not being able to walk, but silver is originally black, if there is no fair skin, it is best not to try it easily, high heels use the decoration of the starry sky, in order to match decently, girls can choose a pearl necklace to highlight the sense of premium.

But if you are used to wearing high heels, naturally no matter what style the foot can be relaxed and elegant, even a pair of high heels without straps can still be easily controlled on the feet. Although the nude high-heeled slippers do not have a lace-up design, such a style can also give people a cool feeling in summer, the woven elements used in the front are full of natural atmosphere, and the floral jacket as a match can also make the overall look more idyllic.

This pair of mid-tube boots combines domineering and elegance, using a pointed toe style to make the overall look more advanced, white is a very simple color, wearing it in summer can also give people a fresh feeling, with a blue dress is more gentle and atmospheric, but smart women will also choose to use other fashion items to bless themselves, this scarf around the neck is a symbol of fashion.

If you are going out to travel to take photos is naturally to choose more feminine items, this floral skirt is simply a sexy artifact in summer, the shape of the vest and the shoulder combination will show the girl’s delicate shoulder and neck line, the upper body tight style, highlighting the curve of the figure, is also very tempting, the skirt loose design can also make the overall image more light and beautiful, this pair of pointed heels are more friendly for girls, not only through small heels to give people a sense of comfort, The lack of straps allows girls to expose their slender ankles.

When you choose a very simple white long skirt, then the style of the shoes must comply with the overall style of the clothes, simple small heels are the wisest choice, this skirt whether it is style or color is the freshest and clean style, high waist design can achieve a high effect, even a pair of mid-heel high heels worn on the foot can still allow you to have long legs.

Whether it is clothes or shoes, we must abide by the color matching, just like this black polka dot long skirt, elegant French style is very suitable for high-level girls, at this time not only need to choose a pair of high heels to enhance their momentum, the color of shoes also need to be carefully chosen, this pair of shoes is the use of black and khaki straps, and the color of the skirt has achieved a good echo effect, wearing a pair of sandals in the summer is also a very comfortable and cool experience.

And if it is a girl who is not confident in her figure and proportions, then when wearing high heels, you should pay attention to the length of the heel, try to choose the highest one within the range of your control, the design of the thick heel will be easier to control than the slender high heels, and it can also give people a feeling of walking style, the comfort and height to achieve a perfect combination, the strap for the ankle protection work is also very good.

This silk dress can be described as a representative of a sophisticated woman, using a high-waist split design to reflect the femininity of the female figure, but the choice of upper body is very casual, the white crewneck shirt is soft and loose, and the gentle femininity is immediately presented. Add a pair of vintage heels as a match, elegant and high-class. The metal buckle used in front of these small heels is extremely attractive, which will not look too bold, but also make the overall look more refined through such embellishments.

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