▲The Force 10 series bracelet has more than 1400 combinations, and it is excellent to stack it. (Photo/Photo: FRED IG)

Reporting by Chen Yayun/Taipei

Recently, a jewelry store full of southern French style appeared on the first floor of Taipei 101 Shopping Center, and the first thing that catches your eye when you step into the store is a jewelry cabinet like the arc of the waves, and the wall is hung with the famous Parisian interior art designer Vincent Darré’s artwork “Goddess of Light”, which gathers elements such as the sun, the sea, palm trees, etc., pointing out that this is very different from the general distance jewelry store, its name is FRED. It is a Parisian brand with a history of 83 years.

▲FRED opened the first store in Taiwan in Taipei 101, exuding a modern and modern atmosphere. (Photo/Courtesy of the brand)

Fred Samuel, born in an Argentine gemstone family, founded FRED in Paris in 1936, he has been familiar with pearls since he was a child, and he introduced MIKIMOTO cultured pearls to Paris, his favorite slightly pink milky white pearl, nicknamed “FRED color”. Inspired by coloured gemstones in the 1950s, he was commissioned by Nepal’s royal family to create jewelry that would go well with court attire, and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was fascinated by his designs and visited boutiques herself.

Fred Samuel, founder of FRED, loved water sports and rowed on the Marne River in 1939.

▲Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco (right) visited the FRED store.

Fred Samuel’s eldest son is a sailing champion, and he gave his wife a handchow wrapped around a sailing rope and cable, giving birth to the Force 10 handicraft series, which has become a classic since its launch in 1966, and the buckle head inspired by sailor buckles is available in different sizes, materials and gem-setting, and can be worn with thousands of gold threads, stainless steel, or bracelets woven with colored fibers, or with expensive versions of gold strings or hard bracelets, more than 1,400 combinations, single or stacked.

▲Force 10 series rose gold semi-paved diamond handmade, white gold buckle bracelet with double loop. (Photo/Courtesy of the brand)

▲FRED jewelry really enters the daily life, and it is also very stylish to wear on vacation. (Photo/Photo: FRED IG)

Interesting playability is a major feature of FRED, in addition to the Forc 10 bracelet that can be added to the existing sailor buckle at any time, the Pain de sucre series of rings can be removed for other colored gems, or set diamonds or mother-of-pearl flat for the ring, a piece has a variety of appearances, completely into everyday life, and the image of Bvlgari and CHAUMET who belong to the LVMH group is very different, perhaps founder Fred Samuel once prided himself on being born a fish , the soul of Southern France, which travels, is comfortable and vacation, has been deeply rooted in the DNA of the brand.

▲FRED jewelry can be changed freely, and the gemstones on the Pain de sucre ring can be removed and replaced with another colored treasure or replaced with a flat model. (Photo/Photo: FRED IG)

▲The 8°0 series inspired by wireless symbols has beautiful lines. (Photo/Photo: FRED IG)

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