As soon as the summer passes, the time of autumn harvest is coming, merchants want to squeeze into their own business categories, busy and happy, because the platform investment threshold is getting higher and higher, refusal again and again, helpless ending, think about 6.18 and double 11 activities during the peer friends have made money, in fact, the settlement requirements are also according to the platform’s own development needs to choose merchants, of course, Tmall also wants to introduce high-quality merchants, not let you come to watch; the same is true for internal directional investment.

Investment Promotion Category Rules:

1. Ornaments wall decoration, decorative shelves/decorative shelves, wind chimes and accessories, home decoration soft decoration matching sets, decorative hooks, craft boats, other craft accessories, craft fans, picture frames/picture frames, aromatherapy stoves, craft umbrellas, decorative tags

2. Creative accessories Variety of style soap, creative gifts, creative doorstops, funny cups, conch/shells/corals, aerial charms, twisted sculptures, witch fabrics, diffuser, solar dolls, aromatherapy wax tablets, lucky stars/bottles, coconut shells, lucky cats

3. Wood carving, stone carving, charcoal carving (excluding hanging plate), jade carving

4. Vase/flower vessel/artificial flower/simulation ornament, DIY simulation material, artificial flower/fake flower, artificial fruit, artificial plant bonsai, dried flower/petal/dried flower bag/dry branch, flower utensil/vase, floral package

5. Home clock ornaments/alarm clocks, wall clocks, standing clocks/floor clocks, desk clocks/alarm clocks, desk clocks

6. Candles/candlesticks, unscented candles, scented candles, candlesticks

7. Decorations, refrigerator magnetic stickers, refrigerator stickers, tile/glass stickers, computer stickers, furniture stickers, switch stickers, toilet stickers, other stickers, wall stickers, wardrobe stickers

8. Photo/photo wall, photo/picture, photo wall

9. Decorative painting, DIY/digital oil painting, printmaking, specimen decorative painting, craft painting, Chinese painting, other decorative painting, calligraphy, frameless wall clock, modern decorative painting, oil painting

10. Decorative utensils, storage jars, fruit bowls/fruit baskets, ornament boxes, sun jars/moonshine jars, music boxes, decorative basins, decorative bowls, decorative ashtrays, decorative tissue boxes, decorative sitting plates/hanging plates

Enterprise Qualification:

1. Scanned copy of enterprise business license (need to ensure that it is not in the list of abnormal business operations and the goods sold are within the business scope of business license), the registered capital of the store opening company is more than 1 million, and the store opening company has been in operation for more than 1 year.

2. Scanned copy of bank account opening license

3. Scanned copy of the front and back of the ID card of the legal representative

4. Alipay authorization letter

5. General taxpayer qualification certificate

Brand Qualification:

6. Trademark certificate (R mark)

7. Brand authorization certificate

Tips: The pixel of the enterprise qualification picture cannot be less than 800×800, and the memory is within 800KB, but all pictures must be fresh, otherwise the picture will be blurred after the system compression, and it is not clear when reviewing; The trademark must be R mark, if the trademark holder is an individual, the front and back of the trademark holder’s ID card need to be provided, and the trademark does not need to provide a brand authorization certificate under the name of the store company, otherwise a brand authorization certificate must be provided. The above information should be carefully prepared.

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