If you lose a piece of goods in the store, you may need to pay 2 months’ salary, and Miss Liu of Changsha Oushili men’s 7mall shopping center store is anxious. On January 4, when she and her colleagues were shipping goods with a trailer in front of the Spring Department Store in Wuyi Square, a package of goods was accidentally dropped in the back compartment. On January 7, the store’s manager Yang introduced that there were 3 men’s down jackets in the package, worth 6270 yuan. The surveillance showed that the package was picked up by an uncle passing by, and there was no news for three days. If the goods cannot be returned, Ms. Liu and her colleagues may face full compensation. They hope to find the uncle as soon as possible.

Manager Yang introduced that it was raining lightly that day, and the incident occurred at about 11 a.m. Originally, Miss Liu went to pick up the goods alone, but she was worried that there were too many goods, so he asked another staff member to accompany her. But they didn’t want to, and the two still lost a bag of goods on the road.

Lane monitoring shows that when Miss Liu and her colleagues used a rectangular trailer 1 meter high to transport goods, the two pushed the truck with difficulty one after the other, a bag of clothes quietly slipped to the ground from the right rear, and about 1 minute later, a passing man with an umbrella picked up the package. Afterwards, they called on nearby surveillance and found the man walking through Guojin Street, walking back and forth at several entrances and exits. Surveillance at Exit 5 of the Guojin Street subway showed that it was a middle-aged man wearing a black jacket and carrying a black backpack, wearing a blue plaid umbrella and carrying a package in his left hand.

Manager Yang introduced that the package is transparent, with the TRENDIANO logo, and you can see that there are 3 down jackets inside. Two blue cropped down jackets worth 2390 yuan and one hooded jacket worth 1490 yuan, both in size M.

There has been no news of the package, and Miss Liu is very anxious, hoping that someone who knows or has seen this uncle will ask the uncle to return the package picked up to the front desk of the mall, which will be grateful.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Ma Hui

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