Costumes play a very important role in the actor’s portrayal of a character. Moreover, the change of costume sometimes hints at the inner change of the character, especially in the Harry Potter movie, the producer has put a lot of effort into the costume design.

Today, let’s take a look at what has changed in these characters through the comparison of the actors’ costumes in the first and last scenes.

1. Dumbledore

Dumbledore’s first appearance in the film, as depicted in the novel, is a purple wizard robe, half-moon-shaped glasses, and a silver-white beard that reaches his belt. This is the classic wizard look we remember. Although old, he is majestic and majestic.

In “Deathly Hallows (Part II)”, although Dumbledore is still wearing wizarding robes, the color has been changed to a light white like a ghost, giving people a feeling of imminent death, and his hair and beard fluttering in the wind show haggardness and weakness.

2. Professor McGonagall

The car flying motorcycle appeared in Hagrid at 4 Privet Road, wearing a wide leather coat, messy hair, and the moment he took off his goggles, his face was still dirty, and he was immediately labeled “Han”.

And in the last movie, the black long-sleeved robe makes her, who has always been gentle, a little more domineering as a queen. As the commander-in-chief of the Hogwarts Guardian War, she is the spiritual pillar of everyone, and her weak shoulders carry the final banner against Voldemort.

3. Rubeus Hagrid

The car flying motorcycle appeared in Hagrid at 4 Privet Road, wearing a wide leather coat, messy hair, and the moment he took off his goggles, his face was still covered with stolen goods, and he was immediately labeled “Han”.

In the last movie, the same face is muddy, his hair is messy, his light-colored shirt is tattered, and his dark vest is open, and at that moment, it is inexplicably felt that Hagrid is much older.

4. Aunt Petunia

Penny first appeared on the door of Harry’s stairwell. She wore a pink sweater, a dark skirt, and although she wore an apron over her, she was carefully dressed, and she wore a pearl necklace around her neck. Apparently, Penny is a housewife who lives well.

The last time I saw it was when I moved away from Privet Road, a green coat with a floral skirt. Although they were on the run, Penny chose to leave with dignity and say goodbye to everything magical.

5, Harry Potter

When 11-year-old Harry first appeared, he wore ill-fitting shabby clothes, apparently replaced by his cousin Dudley. Not only this outfit, but also several sets of clothes before he went to Hogwarts, which shows that life at the Dursleys is not good.

Harry’s last scene is sending his son to Hogwarts on platform nine and three-quarters. Already a father, he wore a suit, although he was still paired with casual denim, but the vicissitudes of middle-aged people seemed to imply that the story of the next generation had ended, and it was time for the grandchildren.

6. Dudley Dursley

Dudley, who is spoiled by his parents, naturally can’t settle on clothes. Plaid sweater, khaki pants, plus a pair of leather booties, this one doesn’t look cheap.

When the Dursleys later moved away from 4 Privet Road, Dudley’s clothing was no longer so elegant, with a casual colored coat, a green shirt underneath, and jeans underneath, no different from an ordinary middle school student. The spoiled boy finally grew up too.

7. Vernon Dursley

Vernon’s costumes for the first and last scenes are very similar, except that the inside is changed from a black suit to a light-colored pullover.

In Harry Potter, both Penny and Dudley get some whitewashing in the later stages, but only Vernon, as always, hates magic and hates Harry.

Perhaps too, the costume group didn’t change Vernon’s image much.

8. Molly Weasley

In the first film, Molly wears a light-colored sweater cardigan with a dark skirt and a pair of green flat Mary Jane shoes, accurately interpreting the warm, capable image of a mother.

In the last movie, the dark striped long skirt and brown cardigan sweater make the whole person shrouded in a depressing range, just as she is worried about her children all the time.

9, Ginny Weasley

As the only girl in the Weasley family, Little Ginny’s dressing style is very similar to that in Copy Molly, and the two stand together with a parent-child outfit feeling.

In the final scene, Ginny has been upgraded to mother, but instead of taking the warm route like her own mother back then, she wears a dark leather jacket, a floral shirt underneath, and a pair of boots, obviously an independent strong woman.

10, Ron Weasley

Ron, who grew up wearing his brothers’ second-hand clothes, did look a little ill-fitting when he first appeared in the first film with a navy blue sweater and an olive green jacket.

Later, as a father, he also had a beer belly and wore a slightly old-fashioned striped shirt and brown coat, which was somewhat similar to Arthur Weasley’s dressing style.

11. Hermione Granger

When Hermione first appeared, she had already dressed her Hogwarts school uniform, and perhaps she couldn’t wait.

In the last scene, compared to Ron, who is home in style, Hermione is obviously dressed more fashionably, with a classic light gray trench coat with a patterned shirt, which is very much in line with her career status as a woman.

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