Ceramic basins are indispensable in the decoration, every household must have, which is better, in fact, with the accumulation of time and experience, there is basically a general understanding.

Undercounter basin

。 It has always been considered the best looking and best cared for ceramic basin. But this is already in the past, with the improvement of the quality of occupancy, you will slowly find that in fact, the offstage is the easiest way to hide dirt, please poke “The off-stage basin is the culprit of hiding dirt and dirt” for details.

You can’t turn a blind eye just because you can’t see dirt

Countertop basin

。 This kind of basin is often used to compare with the offstage, complete failure. But in fact, the countertop basin only needs to be purchased

The flat-bottomed porcelain sewing method is better taken care of than under the counter

, and there are no sanitary dead ends. Many people say that the gap between the countertop basin and the countertop is too difficult to manage, in fact, this is the past view, the porcelain seam has long solved this problem, and you can see the dirt on the countertop basin,

The gaps between the undercounter basin and the stone are worms, but you can’t see it

Slate integrated basin

。 Before no one stepped on the pit for everyone, the fire was a mess, and there were many followers, but in fact, in addition to the lines and toughness, even ordinary ceramic platforms on the stage could not compare to “Wherever the slate is used, choose the integrated basin carefully”

Then the above three have been denied, what is the final king?

The answer is:

Integrated ceramic basin

▲Is it this artificial marble custom basin? And it has a curve and is beautiful. No, this kind of pot needs to be customized, there is no finished product,

The price is generally below one meter to three or four thousand, and ordinary families cannot afford it

▲ Is it the ugly ceramic integrated basin that the grandfathers in the picture above are using?

Yes, it’s this material, it’s just not this ugly appearance

▲ This is today’s protagonist, an integrated ceramic basin, with the texture of a ceramic basin is easy to take care of, and there is no need to worry about dirt;

▲ Whether it is in appearance or practical function, it is far better than ordinary ceramic under the counter and on the stage, and the ordinary ceramic basin needs to be customized with stone, which is not only costly, but also difficult to take care of.

▲Before customizing the whole house at home, buy an integrated ceramic basin according to the space, and then customize the bathroom cabinet below, you can perfectly realize all the functions of the bath cabinet, and the appearance and practicality can be satisfied.

What are the disadvantages of the integrated ceramic basin?

The size is fixed is a finished product, and the general length size is 600mm to 1200mm fixed size. So there are certain restrictions on the requirements for space. If your home is not a fixed size, it can be fully satisfied. If your bathroom cabinet happens to be inlaid and fixed in size, you need to reserve a good position according to the size of the integrated basin during construction, and you can achieve tight seam treatment in the later stage.

The second disadvantage of the integrated basin, the flange around is very small, if the dry area is not tiled there is no way to prevent water splashing, it must be waterproof paint, so if the dry area has tiles, the integrated basin does not have to worry about whether there is a flange.

▲ Like the space is not limited by anything, you can choose a size, and customize the cabinet in the later stage, which can be satisfied.

▲ This inlaid fixed size can also be met, you need to know the size of the integrated basin before construction, and at the same time find a size that is the closest, through the later construction to make its space just meet the layout of the integrated basin, unless the size difference is too large to do, generally most of them can be satisfied.

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