In the final analysis, the prevalence of content entrepreneurship in the past two years comes from the commonplace smartphone users’ thirst for information content, although the mobile phone in the hand is the most effective and convenient tool for obtaining information, whether it is a circle of friends article or a special information flow, aggregate reading can be provided in one stop, but for reading is not so good, whether IPS or AMOLED screen in heavy reading users are not so “environmentally friendly and healthy”, Kindle is their favorite; The Hisense A2 seamlessly connects the acquisition and display of content information, and the combination of color screen and black and white ink screen is used to obtain information and deal with rich media outside the text on the one hand, and to concentrate on reading on the other.

Hisense dual-screen mobile phone A2 review highlights more than one side of black technology

The front of the Hisense A2 adopts a 5.5-inch 1080P Super AMOLED full-laminated screen (OnCell), covering 2.5D arc Corning Gorilla Glass as protection. The highlight of the machine is on the back, which has a 5.2-inch black and white ink screen (GFF), similar to the Amazon Kindle, with a resolution of 960×540, itself does not emit light, natural light reflectivity of 35%, viewing angle greater than 160 degrees, static display zero power consumption, also covering 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass.

In terms of other configurations, Hisense A2 is equipped with Qualcomm octa-core processor, supplemented by 4GB + 64GB memory combination, rear 16 million pixel camera, using side fingerprint recognition scheme, built-in 3090mAh battery, support 2A fast charging technology, support dual SIM dual standby full Netcom, running Android 6.0 system.

Smart dual screen

The appearance of Shanghai Xin A2 adopts a black panel, I believe that it is more to take care of the ink screen behind it to make the front and rear more consistent and unified; Although the 5.5-inch body size is similar to models such as iPhone 7 Plus, it will cause one-handed pressure to some extent for users with small hands, but after all, this is a model with a main dual-screen, especially the large size of the ink screen behind is still very important for reading, after all, the Kindle has only had a 6-inch screen.

As for the appearance is a more common rounded rectangle, the configuration of the front and rear screens makes the fuselage more symmetrical in all dimensions, according to the standards of other models, it can be regarded as a “double-sided glass” material. A similar space is left on and above the front screen, and the main control is achieved with the help of virtual hiddenable buttons built into the screen.

Virtual keys can be hidden

On the other hand, the bottom Hisense logo seems to mean that this is the protagonist; This black and white ink screen is slightly smaller than the front, and the size is 5.2 inches compared to the 6-inch screen of mainstream e-books; and unlike the previous similar YotaPhone, the back is also covered with 2.5D glass protection, eliminating damage to the fragile ink screen.

In addition to the reading function, the screen on the back is also functional; The reason is that both sides have a handset design, and each side can be directly swiped to answer the call. In addition, as a product launched by a “home power plant”, the infrared remote control on the top seems to be a necessary function in a reasonable way.

Fingerprint management double-sided screen

If you have ever owned a Kindle, you know that the performance of the ink screen in brightness is diametrically opposed to that of ordinary smartphones, and the mobile phone screen with low brightness under strong sunlight usually faces the embarrassment of “seeing the light and dying”, while the ink screen with the reflected light source as the display principle is strong when it is strong, the display effect is better under strong light, and the additional fill light needs to be turned on in weak light.

Because the ink screen itself does not emit light autonomously, and there is no blue light (blue light exists in the direct light of various electronic products, is a high-energy short-wave light, long-term exposure to this blue light radiation, will cause vision loss, blindness and other different degrees of eye diseases), no direct light, compared with ordinary screens, ink screens have no stimulation to the eyes, not easy to cause eye sourness and fatigue; This is also the reason why most mobile phones represented by the iPhone are vying to launch eye protection and anti-blue light function.

In terms of dual-screen management, although Hisense A2 does not manage the function of “which screen should be lit” according to gravity sensing, it provides a more integrated fingerprint management method.

First of all, the fingerprint recognition function of Hisense A2 is similar to the HOME button integrated on the right side of the fuselage like Sony, such as the right hand holding using the color screen, you can set the right thumb as the unlock finger, and after flipping, you can still use the right hand to hold the ink screen, you can use the more convenient right index finger or middle finger in the posture as the unlock finger.

Double-sided touch The back screen controls the main screen

The back not only has a black and white ink screen for reading, but also has a double-sided dual-mode touch technology with national patents; Needless to say, the highlight of the front screen is that there is a special “trackpad” on the back, and when the mode is turned on, a small dot similar to the mouse position will appear on the front screen, and you can use the back touch to control the main screen.

The reading experience is not inferior to the Kindle free reading JD palm reading

As mentioned earlier, the “ordinary panel” of the back screen of Hisense A2 is left for reading tools such as Jingdong reading and palm reading, and the display effect is similar to that of Kindle Oasis, and because of the addition of protective glass, there is no need to worry about the fragile ink screen being squeezed and damaged. Third-party reading apps generally have perfect content such as adjusting fonts and display formats, so the reading experience is better than that of Kindle.

According to the official website, Hisense A2 also has corresponding content cooperation plans with and Palmyue, and Palmyue provides 5,000 mooncake coupons for every Hisense A2 mobile phone user to purchase genuine books on the Palmyue platform; Jingdong provides every Hisense A2 user with a one-month free reading card for free reading of most genuine books on the Jingdong reading APP.

Hisense A2 ink screen display effect

Custom panels are versatile and power-saving

Under normal circumstances, ink screens are used for reading, so Hisense A2 customized ink screen panel mode defaults to display reading applications such as “palm reading” and “Jingdong reading”, and the most commonly used APP such as telephone and WeChat, if you only have these two communication needs, even if you are in the ink screen reading state for a long time, it is enough to use, and it is also very power-saving.

In addition, if you have a special preference for ink screens or your phone is running out of power, you can also use “Copy Front Screen” to use the full phone function, and all applications that originally appeared on the color screen can be accessed from the ink screen.

The customization function of the ink screen panel is also extremely rich, with a variety of screen widgets familiar to Android users to choose from; Although it does not display color, general information plugins do not need too complicated UI to perform, and if you make power saving the first priority.

Hisense A2 back screen customization panel also provides a “home mode” scenario panel, simply put, the back screen can be transformed into a black and white remote control, combined with the infrared on the top of the Hisense A2 body can control the TV, air conditioner, set-top box at home, the bottom of the information APP does not bother you to get important information.

16 million pixels can be used for rear selfies

For the photo part, Hisense A2 rear 16 million pixel camera, F2.0 large aperture, support PDAF phase focus, the fastest focusing speed of 0.1s; front 5 million pixel camera, support automatic fill light, ten levels of beauty.

Rear selfie

Hisense A2’s dual-screen function indirectly brings additional benefits to selfies – rear selfies, that is, with a better rear quality of 16 million pixels with selfies, preview can be achieved through the rear ink screen, although due to the inability to display color can not consider the final impact of the scene’s ambient light, background and other factors, but for the composition is enough.

One machine wisdom, two possibilities

Reading, especially personalized reading, has become a new media form as popular as short videos, and the hidden worry behind the new media fire is that many knowledge that originally only needs to be obtained through reading is “hard to spend money thanklessly” through paid Live, online education to complete, it is easy to glimpse the importance of reading and deep reading after reflection; As a double-sided screen model, Hisense A2 does not matter how rich media such as short videos, online videos, and Live are not a problem, but more importantly, it integrates a healthy and environmentally friendly traditional reading experience, which is also a major benefit to battery life.

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