Henri Matisse (Henri Matisse,


9-1954) was a famous French painter, founder and main representative of Fauvism, as well as a sculptor and printmaker.

An accident at the age of 21 made Matisse’s passion for painting out of control, and the chance became a turning point in his life. In his own words: “I seem to be called to henceforth I no longer dominate my life, but it dominates me.” “He is known for his use of bright, bold colors.

At first glance, why is it so ugly? But this line is definitely a master, there is no superfluous, no stroke makes people feel uncomfortable, and then savor it, it inexplicably feels a little good-looking! Each stroke captures the key to the character’s form, and a few strokes create a living image, which makes people marvel at how this is done!

Matisse’s art is permeated with influences from Eastern and North African cultures. The works are refined, full of a strong sense of color and rhythm of music, reflecting profound aesthetic and philosophical thinking in composition and composition, and is a wise artistic thinker.

A quote from Moreau has always accompanied Matisse’s art: “The simpler your approach is in art, the more obvious your feelings.” This simplicity is distilled from meticulous and complex thinking, as evidenced by Matisse’s extensive sketches and sketches.

You might as well try copying Matisse’s “ugly” sketches

Maybe it will allow you to use the power of lines

There has also been an increase

What are you waiting for?

Quickly take out the drawing paper and try it

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