Take a look at the following one, I believe many teachers have used this “electronic teaching whip”. But the trouble is to put on the battery after use!

What is an “electronic whip”? What can it be used for? In fact, it is a remote control that can control the computer.


Now mobile phones have become a must-have in our lives, you can use mobile phones to swipe cards when taking buses, you can use mobile phones for K songs, you can also use mobile phones for watching movies and shopping, and so on. So why can’t we turn our phones into remote controls for our computers? Only you can’t think of it! Nothing can’t be done! Now Xiaobian teaches you how to turn your mobile phone into a remote control!

1. Download an “X Control” on your smartphone (available in the mobile app store)

2. Download and install a computer version of “X Control” on your own computer (Baidu can download it directly)


3. Open the “X Control” on the computer side

4. Open the “X Control” on the mobile phone and search for the local name of the computer connected to it (like connecting to Bluetooth)

5. After connecting, the effect is as follows

In this way, the phone can become a mouse, a keyboard, and a tablet! However, please note that the mobile phone and computer must be in a WiFi connection environment, so that the mobile phone becomes a “remote control” and the computer becomes a “TV”! Then as a teacher, isn’t it more convenient for you to directly control the PPT with your mobile phone in class!

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