“Grow up with you and send you to marry” is the wish of many girls, and it is a very happy thing to have the best sisters accompany them to a new stage of life. The weather is cold in winter, how to wear it in winter bridesmaid clothes? While paying attention to keeping yourself warm, you should also pay attention to whether the bridesmaids’ dress is suitable for the temperature at that time. Whether it is a bridesmaid or a bride, when holding a wedding, do not forget the temperature with grace. Come and follow the Wisdom Fashion Wedding Xiaolong to take a look.

First, how to wear it in winter bridesmaid clothes

I would like to provide you with a few tips to keep warm~

1. Warm the baby

Bridesmaid clothes are usually gauze skirts, the style has one shoulder, one shoulder, etc., more exposed skin, bridesmaids can stick warm babies on the waist, back, legs, etc., so that it is warm and does not affect the beauty, but pay attention to not directly stick the warm baby on the skin, easy to burn.

2. Thermal pants

Bridesmaid dresses are generally long skirts that cover the entire leg, and bridesmaids who are afraid of cold can wear flesh-colored thermal pants or boots on the lower body, so that they will not be embarrassed to show even when walking. If the skirt is short, wear shorter thermal pants.

3. Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is suitable for long-sleeved bridesmaid clothing, now there are many suspender bottoms on the market that automatically heat, and it is completely invisible if it does not show the shoulders, so if the bridesmaid dress is long-sleeved or ruffled sleeves, you can choose this thermal underwear, which is very warm.

Second, how to wear the bridesmaid dress in winter

Knowing how to wear the inside of the bridesmaid dress in winter, let’s take a look at how to wear it outside.

1. Coat

If it is an outdoor wedding, the bride can buy a uniform coat or trench coat for the bridesmaids, which shows temperament and elegance, and can also ensure that the bridesmaids do not get cold, which is a very intimate behavior.

2. Gloves

Most of the bridesmaid clothes are sleeveless or short-sleeved, bridesmaids can wear beautiful and delicate gloves, as soon as the hands are warm, the person will be warm, and it will not affect the beauty, convenient and fashionable.

3. Shawl

In addition to coats and gloves, plush shawls are also a good choice. However, in winter, wedding brides will also wear shawls, and the bridesmaids’ shawls are more modest and low-key than the bride’s simplicity to avoid stealing the bride’s limelight and causing unpleasantness.

Third, what to pay attention to when choosing a bridesmaid dress

1. Color

The color of the bridesmaid dress should be mainly light and warm colors, such as pink, light blue, light purple, etc., do not wear red, white, easy to overwhelm, and do not wear black dresses, black is a taboo for happy events, unlucky.

2. Style

The style of the bridesmaid dress should be simple and generous, do not choose the mopping model, it is easy to affect the action. In addition, do not choose too sexy dresses, the duty of the bridesmaids is to serve the bride well, set off the bride, do not dress too frivolously.

3. Accessories

Bridesmaids try not to bring valuable jewelry, on the one hand, there is a risk of loss, on the other hand, it will steal everyone’s attention. In addition, the makeup of the bridesmaids should also be mainly light makeup, always remember that we are here to accompany the bride to marry.

Kotaka: How do you wear a bridesmaid dress in winter? The answer is the above, although the temperature has gradually warmed up recently, but some areas are still cold, it is easy to catch a cold when changing seasons, everyone must remember to keep warm when holding a wedding.


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