Winter is coming, and I still need to commute to work every day, so my Xiao An accompanies me every day to travel, and I feel an extremely annoying thing every day, that is, every morning when I enter the car, the bottom of the butt is very cold, and it takes a long time to warm up, so I bought a thick, furry cushion to change this cold seat and add more warmth to my daily travel this winter.

My car is an automatic transmission of 19 models, automatic dazzling version, with a displacement of 1.5T, power of 156 horsepower, is a combination Aisin 6AT gearbox, in my use of the feeling is quite smooth, and because every morning need to drive the vehicle to travel, to work, but every time you sit down, it is cold and piercing, so buy something to increase your warmth.

That’s the protagonist today, the cushion mounted on my little Ann.

Slip the clip in the seat.

The installation is complete.

It’s still very good.

I’m watching and admiring my charming little ann.

Large size wheels.

Multifunction steering wheel.

Wide and powerful tail.

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