Winter travel, without a “cotton jacket” blessing, it is really impossible to say, especially some women who like retro style, but also to dress themselves carefully, so as not to drop the price. Going out also looks very confident. Wear it with a pair of plush pants and small booties, it really doesn’t want to be too pretentious. Let’s see how these padded jackets go together!

A cotton jacket designed with a contrast splicing mid-length fit, really not too warm, winter and moon wear, is really very bright and fashionable, very delicate, slim straight fit, really not too temperamental, with a turtleneck sweater and plush pants, it is really a thief warm thief. Going out and stepping on a pair of small booties is even more awe-inspiring.

A hooded style design of a cotton lamb wool vest jacket, at a glance is really too fashionable, too trendy, very versatile, not bloated at all. The cut design of the front short and the back length is also very fashionable and very delicate and atmospheric. With a turtleneck sweatshirt and small leggings, it is really too age-reducing and too light.

A cotton jacket designed with a contrast small silhouette, prepared in autumn and winter, really do not have to be afraid of the cold, multi-color splicing collision, it seems very harmonious, very designed, loose small silhouette of the body, is also very hidden flesh thin, very foreign, with a plush leggings and small black pants British boots, really not too beautiful.

A cotton jacket designed by the solid color series, the simple lines of the basic style, appear very clean and neat, very designed. The design of the small standing collar is also very three-dimensional and dignified, very distinctive. The loose straight fit is also very stylish, and with a pair of plush jeans, it is really too fashionable.

It’s a pity that I didn’t bring a cotton jacket for the trip, and the slim small silhouette is really too inclusive for some women with fat around the waist. The loose and languid body is cut to make the lines very smooth. The embellishment of the contrast small check is also very high-end, very distinctive, with a turtleneck undershirt and plush slacks, thief atmosphere. It’s really photogenic to travel like this.

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