The era of smart home has arrived, and major manufacturers are also competing for the market in this new field. Plug-in, because the technical threshold is relatively low, but each family needs it, so the competition is particularly fierce, the market of the old socket manufacturers bull has a layout of intelligent socket, Internet Xiaomi, hardware manufacturers Huntkey, etc. also have a layout of intelligent socket. Today, we received the crowdfunding explosion provided by 72 changes – COCO smart power strip, what is the difference, let’s see slowly.

Specification function introduction:

Shell: V-0 fireproof PC material, 750°C high temperature flame retardant.

Plug: Customized model certified by national CCC.

Intrinsic: 10A recoverable overload protector and passed the most stringent UL safety certification in the United States;

Granted the original patent of Akihabara, the use of protective doors that cannot be inserted with a single hole;

It adopts one-piece tin-phosphor copper core, no connecting wire, and the PCB and copper core are directly connected and soldered.

Intelligent: charging IQ intelligent identification chip + intelligent remote switch.

【 Simple Unpacking 】

Below is the 72 coupon, COCO power strip with USB version, model E11, and E10 smart socket without USB.

On the back of the box are the two APPS marked on the product, this socket is supported, Zhijia 365 + Ali Xiaozhi.

Open the box, a small manual, and then this white large insert, from the “Ali Smart” word on the manual, you can see that it is a product that cooperates with Alibaba, of course, it also supports Ali Xiaozhi APP.

The simple white color is the main theme, and the shape is different from the traditional one, and it looks rounded, and the wire is also provided by Akihabara.

The front is made of matte cover material, which is not easy to stain fingerprints; From left to right, the keys and sockets are: WIFI light, switch, compact dual USB charging interface, three new GB combination jacks with protective door.

The side seams are small, and flat, no burrs, small round buttons – the design of the overload protection switch is really conscientious (ps: the overload protection switch is recoverable and has passed the strict UL safety certification in the United States).

The bottom surface and side are one-time non-marking injection molding, mirror polished surface treatment, the feel is more delicate, of course, the scratches are more obvious; The design of the anti-skid strips on the left and right sides of the bottom is very creative, while providing a good anti-slip effect, it also hides the four screws in the corners to play an aesthetic role, and the other two hidden screws will be mentioned in the subsequent disassembly process.

The plug is 1 .8M long with 3C certification, and it is also pressed in one piece, and the cable is thick, supporting 10A 250V output.

Let’s talk about this jack, on the left is 2 support USB charging ports, said to support 2A fast charging output, although the spacing is enough, but the space can still be larger; On the right side are three new national standard inserts with independent safety doors, and the entire shell adopts V-0 fireproof PC material, which has a high-temperature flame retardant effect and guarantees certain safety.

【 USB Charging Test 】

Adopted Ruiteng 5th generation USB 3.0 detector.

The actual test results show that the voltage fluctuates between 4.8-5.2V, and there is indeed an intelligent identification function when charging, adjusting the current size, and making up for the wire.

【 Disassembly 】

The overall fixing adopts triangular screws, and the four screws can be seen by pulling out the rubber anti-skid strips on the left and right sides, and the other two screws hidden are in the middle position, perhaps because of aesthetic factors, and the same anti-skid strips are not used as the left and right sides, but this increases the difficulty of disassembly.

On the left is the overcurrent protection module, WiFi module, and control module of the socket, and on the right is the dual USB socket, and 3 national standard sockets.

Child safety gate design, two-pin plug insertion is very laborious, triangle plug insertion is easy, but three inserts need to be inserted at the same time (some triangle without ground wire insert cannot be inserted).

The socket adopts a one-piece copper strip structure, marked with the custom logo of ORVIBO, and the copper strip thickness is about 0.5mm, and the thickness is medium.

The copper strip is directly soldered to the board of black PCB, which has high firmness and cannot be removed without a soldering iron; The grounding wire is connected by resistance, and the wiring is more reliable than the traditional plug-in bar.

The printed traces on the PCB board are very regular, although no solid capacitors are used, but the overall components are good, and there is a WIFI module on the back, supporting the 802.11 b/g/n standard.

【 APP Experience 】:

“Take Smart 365 as an example”

Download the APP, scan the QR code on the back of the socket, turn on the WIFI signal, connect to the network, enter the corresponding WIFI password, and then you can connect successfully and use it normally.

Since there is no separate switch design, the switch can only be fully on or off, and other functions include timing and simulation scenarios (with induction equipment).

【 Summary 】


Strong sense of design, high appearance value

Plenty of materials and details

High safety thanks to safety gate and overload protection

Intelligent identification, support remote switching


Fractional control is not possible

No wall holes

The APP function is relatively single

From the use of this time, this COCO plug board has reached a high level both in appearance and interior, is a plug that takes into account appearance, safety, and intelligence, of course, there are shortcomings, but if you don’t need to just put the desktop, you don’t need to use this plug to independently control many electrical appliances, the most simple, then maybe this COCO plug row will be a good choice.

———— Messi, Buenos Aires

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