▶ A nuclear war cannot be won and cannot be fought! Five nuclear powers, blockbuster joint statement

The People’s Republic of China, the French Republic, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America believe that avoiding the outbreak of war and reducing strategic risks among nuclear-weapon States is our primary responsibility. We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and cannot be fought.

▶ Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu was interviewed on the joint statement issued by the leaders of the five nuclear-weapon countries on preventing nuclear war

Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu was interviewed by CCTV reporter to introduce the significance of the joint statement and China’s efforts, as well as China’s proposition on strengthening global governance in the nuclear field.

▶ People’s Daily: Written on the occasion of the one-month countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Winter dreams fly, and the footsteps of chasing dreams do not stop. In another month, the world-renowned Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off, and athletes from all over the world will meet in Beijing to write their own dream-chasing stories with hard work and sweat.

▶ Two asymptomatic infected people were found in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the activity trajectory was announced

On January 3, Zhengzhou City found 2 cases of asymptomatic infection with the new coronavirus during routine nucleic acid testing. After comprehensive study and judgment by the expert group, classified management was implemented for some areas of Guancheng Hui Nationality District and Erqi District.

▶ Yuzhou, Henan: All residents are isolated at home and do not leave their homes, and motor vehicles are not allowed to drive on the road

▶ The source of Ningbo Beilun virus is not clear, and the possibility of “thing-to-human” transmission cannot be ruled out

At 20:30 on January 3, a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Ningbo was held in Beilun. Since January 1, Beilun District has reported a total of 23 locally confirmed cases. At present, all cases have been isolated and treated in designated hospitals and their condition is stable. According to expert analysis and judgment, the possibility of “thing-to-person” is not excluded.

▶ A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the sea area of Hualien County, Taiwan, and the whole island of Taiwan was strongly felt

China Earthquake Network officially measured: At 17:46 on January 03, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in the sea area of Hualien County, Taiwan, with a focal depth of 15 kilometers. The earthquake caused a strong earthquake on the whole island of Taiwan, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and other earthquakes were felt obviously, and some areas of Zhejiang also reported earthquakes.

▶ Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department: Requires public security organs in the province to strictly regulate civilized and fair law enforcement

A few days ago, in view of the new dynamics and new situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shaanxi, the Provincial Public Security Department issued the Notice of the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department on Strictly Standardizing, Fair and Civilized Law Enforcement During the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control, which put forward specific requirements for public security organs at all levels and the majority of civilian auxiliary police in the province in terms of improving the political position of epidemic prevention and control, conscientiously performing duties and missions, strictly regulating law enforcement activities, and implementing law enforcement responsibilities, so as to ensure the smooth progress of epidemic prevention and control and ensure the overall safety and stability of society. Public security organs at all levels and the vast number of people’s auxiliary police throughout the province should abide by social morality in an exemplary manner, treat others with courtesy, and handle cases in a civilized manner.

▶ Zhangjiakou: Personnel returning from January 4 to March 30 need to hold a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours

According to the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work in Zhangjiakou City and Chongli District, from January 4 to March 30, 2022, personnel who come to Zhangjiakou City need to bring a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours and show the green code of “health code and itinerary card”. At the same time, Chongli Snow Resort is temporarily closed to the public, and the Prince’s City High-speed Railway Station is temporarily suspended for passenger boarding and alighting services, and personnel who come to Chongli need to report one day in advance.

▶ The 39 buildings on Sea Flower Island were ordered to be demolished, and Evergrande responded at night

On the morning of January 3, this reporter reported that 39 buildings on Henghai Dahua Island were ordered to be demolished. At 10:40 p.m., Evergrande Tong World Group responded through a WeChat public account called “Haihua Island Tourist Resort”, saying that the administrative penalty decision issued by the Danzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in Hainan Province only targeted 39 buildings in plot 2-14-1 located on Island 2, and did not involve other plots on Haihua Island. Regarding environmental protection and marine inspectors’ requirements for marine ecological restoration and culvert bridge rectification on Haihua Island, Evergrande Tong World Group said that it is unswervingly and unswervingly active in rectification.

▶ Research by HKUST has shown that the human T-cell immune response can effectively deal with Omicron

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said on the 3rd that a study jointly conducted by the university and the University of Melbourne in Australia showed that the new coronavirus Omicron variant is difficult to escape the attack of the body’s T cell immune response through mutations.

▶ There are 31 days left before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics

▶ Today’s weather

Today the day is sunny, the north turns south wind two or three degrees, the maximum temperature is 4 °C; The night is sunny and cloudy, the south turns north wind one or two, and the lowest temperature is minus 6 °C. Visibility and diffusion conditions have deteriorated slightly at night tonight, so pay attention to traffic safety; The temperature is low in the morning and evening, and you must pay attention to cold and warmth outdoors, and beware of colds and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

▶ Tail number limit: 5 and 0

Source: Beijing Daily client


Reporter Gao Chenchen Li Tuo


Gao Chenchen Li Tuo

Process Editor Weili Liu

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