Preface City out. In addition to P+R, you can also use P+ bicycles

▲ Living in the magic capital for many years, the biggest feeling when going out now is that the subway can be resolutely not driven, especially to the urban area visitors or errands, basically use the subway to travel, simple and convenient, do not worry about tickets and parking can not find a place, and in the magic capital short-distance travel in addition to buses, and then the battery car travel is also very convenient.

▲My home is not too far or too close to the nearest Metro Line 1 2KM, and many subway stations in Shanghai have car storage services under them, and the price of 0.5 yuan a day is affordable, and there is no need to worry about losing the car. So electric vehicles have also become a supplement to our daily driving. I also have two bicycles at home. There are many times when I also ride an electric car to the subway station.

▲ Recently found that Riding Ji released a new electric car C2, the first product of the early Riding Ji has been very heartfelt, mainly because this electric bicycle is different from the traditional electric vehicle, whether it is the design style, function, or use method are a lot of differences from the electric car we use in Nissan, after the release of this C2, I also bought one for the first time, which is the first batch of early adopters.

The appearance is stylish, and what are the differences from traditional bicycles

▲ The C2 electric assist bicycle released by Riding Ji is light and small, if it is not for the thick battery compartment in the middle, the appearance really cannot be found that this is an electric vehicle, not a bicycle. In fact, this electric car is no different from ordinary bicycles when it is not powered on.

▲The installation process is very simple, only need to install two pedals and four main body screws can be used safely. One person can complete the installation process, and the body head tube part can be folded and stored. The foldable head tube can be stored and put directly into the trunk, a real travel helper. My MPV is very practical to throw in it.

▲ Riding Notes electric assist bicycle C2 adopts a front-facing intelligent headlight sensing design, which opens and closes the headlights and taillights by pressing the ± at the handlebar, and the taillights are particularly bright when braking.

▲Due to the lightweight design of the body, the C2 electric assist bicycle is equipped with three assist modes and an external eight-speed transmission to change more smoothly and precisely.

The light sensor display that comes with the electric car is more technological, the character display is huge, and it can be easily recognized at night. The LCD screen can display speed, power, Bluetooth connection, assist gear, and whether to turn on the fixed speed battery life.


▲However, small partners who like to ride need to pay attention to the fact that this riding record electric assist bicycle C2 is a certified product of the new national standard, and urban use and electric vehicles need to be registered with a license, and the riding speed cannot exceed 20KM/h. There is no less cycling helmet.

Detail design, small body big design

▲ Riding the electric assist bicycle C2 body adopts a classic proportion design, elegant shape and more fashionable appearance, I rode around the community, several grandpas and aunts are asking how much this bike costs, it seems that everyone has new things are more interested.

▲ Cycling as a professional bicycle manufacturer, in the research and development strength naturally do not worry, this riding note electric assist bicycle in the shape is also ergonomic design, comfortable and labor-saving, help you people and cars unity. Easily accelerate to 20KM/h when the assist 3rd gear is turned on.

▲Aviation-grade aluminum alloy body is strong and durable, flexible steering, light operation, and small spaces can be easily passed.

▲Riding the electric assist bicycle C2 has a total weight of 20KG and can bear 100KG, which can be used by men and women, young and old.

▲In terms of battery, the 30-cell power lithium battery equipped inside the electric assist bicycle adopts an independent battery compartment design to ensure the safety of daily electricity. Daily charging 5.5 hours can be fully charged, the battery management system is also the use of automotive-grade BMS battery management system, support a variety of safety guarantees, such as low temperature and high temperature capacity test, short circuit protection, overshoot protection, over discharge protection, charge retention, high and low temperature impact test, vibration test, acceleration shock test and so on.

▲ The riding operation is relatively simple to get started, after the red button is turned on, you can choose between N gear without assistance and 123 gear assistance. The clearly functional display shows the riding information in real time, and the shift and shift buttons and fingertip dials can be operated with one hand.

▲ Automatic induction headlights for night riding, automatically light up and extinguish, brake taillights are extremely bright, and the degree of recognition at night is very high, so there is no need to worry about the rear car being invisible.

▲The 20-inch wheel diameter of the C2 electric assist bicycle can meet our daily short rides, not too slow and not too bulky. Go out with a pneumatic treasure with a riding record, and don’t worry about the lack of tire gas.

▲ Riding record electric assist bicycle C2 brake part of the riding record electric bicycle uses front and rear disc brakes, and the effect of braking is also immediate. It is very generous in terms of materials.

Equipped with smart APP, higher playability

▲ Riding electric bicycle supports APP connection, and at the same time has its own data collection function, through the motor part of the driving, with induction pedaling data, control its own power output, while displaying riding data on the LCD screen.

▲ Different from traditional electric vehicles, Cycling electric bicycle supports three-speed assist mode, ultra-long endurance can reach 60KM, low power consumption in the first gear, long endurance, 2 gears take into account endurance and power, powerful power in the third gear, fast acceleration, and the electric bicycle also supports the function of fixed speed endurance. The speed can be locked for a long time, and you can ride safely without pedaling.

▲ The first time I used the bicycle, I needed to activate the Internet to use it, but after installing it downstairs, I found that I could not turn it on, and I originally needed to connect to the APP to activate to use the vehicle. After connecting to the Rider APP to bind the vehicle, you can enjoy a one-year extended warranty service, and you can also record the speed, mileage, and data of each ride, and you can also share the riding life and upgrade the firmware and other operations within the Rider APP.

▲Because the ride-up electric assist bicycle supports GPS positioning, it can also record the speed, mileage, and data of each ride, and can also share the riding life in the ride, upgrade the firmware and other operations in the ride.

Free ride, easy to go out

▲ After I adapted to riding for a long time and did not ride a shifter, I took my daughter downstairs to practice in the afternoon, the little girl used to be able to ride, and now I experience it very quickly. I just need to tell her how to turn on the car and turn it off.

▲ In fact, when the power switch is not turned on, C2 is an ordinary city bicycle with eight-speed shifting, as long as you can ride a bike, you can use it with peace of mind without any learning costs.

▲ After turning on the power, in fact, you can choose N as no assistance, and then switch to 123 gear assistance according to your own habits, 3rd gear assistance needs to pay attention to safety, the speed of the car is still quite fast.

▲ Due to the national standard restrictions, urban electric vehicles need to limit the speed to 20KM/h, and the car can only be turned on at a fixed speed when driving to 10KM/h, and after opening, there is no difference between the electric vehicles we use daily, and direct riding does not require pedals. This is also what you need to pay attention to when switching modes.

▲ If you encounter uphill or downhill when riding, you can manually adjust the paddle shift of the bicycle, thereby reducing your own power output, and the transmission of the C2 electric assist bicycle adopts Shimano’s 8-speed transmission, which is very smooth to use.

▲ Finally, in the mention, electric vehicles must wear a helmet, in addition not to modify the speed parameters of electric vehicles at will, to know that once a traffic accident occurs, electric vehicles do not meet the national standard private modification need to bear certain accident responsibility.

Concluding remarks. Convenient, easy to use and entertaining

▲ In my opinion, in addition to meeting the needs of transportation, the C2 is also different from other electric vehicles, convenient in size, and the C2 is small, taking into account the use needs of bicycles and the convenience of electric vehicles. Ordinary electric vehicles have some small embarrassments, when there is no electricity, they need to be implemented, basically they cannot use pedals to avoid, their own weight is too heavy and too large.

▲ Riding the electric assist bicycle C2 is completely a bicycle standard when there is no electricity, and compared with ordinary bicycles, with 8-speed shifting, urban roads and bridges downhill and other roads can easily cope with it, now this is a bicycle with added assistance. The biggest advantage is the advantage of the bike, along with electric assist that saves riding energy. If you have this need, short trips, around work, riding the C2 is undoubtedly a good choice.

I’m Teacher Lin, we’ll see you next time!

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