In the cold winter, the appearance rate of coats and down jackets is quite high, the advantage of coats is that the shape is structured and textured, and the biggest advantage of down jackets is to keep warm, plus very light, so it is very comfortable to go through the mountains.

But for many girls who are afraid of cold, wearing them alone does not seem to be warm enough, so this year there is a popular wearing method called “coat + down”, which has a double guarantee, people who are afraid of cold do not say cold.

Many people think that these two pieces together will not be abrupt or bloated, but in fact, it will not.

One. What skills do you need to master when pairing a coat with a down jacket?

(1) Wear it with a belt to make it look thinner

The combination of coat and down jacket is equivalent to combining two very loose fashions to form a new style of dressing, and many people will also feel doubts about this, after all, the coat fabric is heavy, with a down jacket, will it make the figure look too fat?

In fact, the combination of these two pieces can make the outfit look layered, after all, it is the use of layering, and the warmth effect is also doubled, if you want to be tall and thin, you can properly match a thin belt, which can make the body proportion look more slender and tall.

(2) Mainly basic items

Most of the shape design of the coat itself is mainly loose fit, and the fabric of the down jacket itself is too fluffy and heavy, so the combination between the two, at least one single style is based on the basic model.

For example, a gray coat and a black down jacket can effectively adjust the state of the body and make the figure look taller and thinner.

(3) Pay attention to the layered effect

Most people choose a coat or down jacket, will choose a long style, the long version looks very temperamental, but on the body, you will feel too wrapped, too rigid to wear.

It should be appropriate to make the matching more layered, such as choosing a long down jacket, you can match a short coat, or a short coat, with a long down jacket, this contrasting matching method can make the matching more layered, and the outfit is also very tasteful.

Two. The coat combines several high-class combinations of down jackets

• Black coat + beige down jacket + skirt

You must know that whether it is a coat or a down jacket, these two styles are based on the basic neutral style, so the combination between the two is easy to make the image too neutral, but with a skirt, the style will look more feminine and will make the temperament more elegant.

• Black coat + white down jacket + wide leg pants

Using the layering method, the combination of black coat and white down jacket can create a more classic and fashionable simple style, with a wide-leg pants, you can make the matching look more advanced and textured, this style is more suitable for wearing in the workplace, can effectively enhance temperament and clothing.

• Beige coat + beige down jacket + beige pants

Matching with the same color is the most advanced way, such as a beige coat with a beige down jacket, a beige pants on the lower body, the overall color is clean and natural, which can make the style look more eye-catching, and this combination has a strong affinity, which can make you more popular in social interaction.

After seeing the wearing methods of these down + coats, do you think that it is not as bloated and heavy as we imagined, in fact, as long as you master the methods and skills, you can also take into account demeanor and demeanor, and warm all winter.

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