Whether women will dress up or not depends not on the number of items displayed in the wardrobe, but on whether these clothes can maintain an atmospheric style and high-grade texture. Women who can really wear will not miss the following skirts, their appearance design is not a type with a strong sense of design, but it is very temperamental when worn on the body, durable and easy to match.

A black skirt, without the blessing of too fashionable elements, can also make it a good item for women, which comes from the confidence given to it by color.

Black dress

There is no need to keep the design too short, the skirt can be longer, in order to lay a little elegant feeling, the matching top can also take more colors, such as blue and white panels of stripes, you can break its dull single fit in one fell swoop, and look more age-reducing.

The black skirt does have a lot of monotony in the appearance, but it can be changed by changing the fabric to make its appearance different, the satin design has a sense of luster, the texture of the light gauze is very flowing, and the lace material is more feminine, suitable for interpreting the gentle atmosphere.

This one

Black lace skirt

It also combines the role of contouring the hips to reflect the woman’s bumpy figure, and if it is paired with a slim top, it can highlight the graceful body shape more thoroughly.

Basically all women should try pleated skirts, which will produce a noticeable sense of rhythm due to the distinctive features of the pleats. Even if there is only one color, it will not be boring, but it will give the skirt a three-dimensional look.

Pleated skirt

The color is very light, but also belongs to one of the more classic color system, it can interpret a gentle style, if it is matched with a white shirt, it is more intellectual, and can also help elephant legs be covered with the advantage of the shape that comes with the skirt.

The pleated skirt has a distinct feature, with its own extended pleats, which can prevent the skirt from swelling the lower body due to loose fit, but instead has a longitudinal extension line to create a tall effect.

Like this pleated skirt, it presents the role of height to the extreme. Women who are not tall or who have a bloated lower body can follow suit. The design of the high waist increases the proportion, which is naturally the most suitable, and the matching white top style is not too long and thick, which can be tucked into the skirt to make the small waist appear thinner.

To reduce the sense of popularity that comes with the skirt, in addition to relying on complicated print designs or ingenious styles, you can also highlight the recognition of the shape through colors with a certain sense of uniqueness.

Like this one

Reddish brown dress

, its color is not flashy, but it will appear more noticeable than the regular base color. A thin chiffon texture is added to the skirt, and the design of the skirt does not cover the entire leg, which can still create a flowing state.

As long as the length of the skirt fits, regardless of the color, it will not affect the difficulty of control, but it is closely related to the difficulty of color matching, and the overall color balance must be maintained.

Purple skirt

It can always form a very romantic atmosphere, and it can also allow girls to put aside their age concerns, no matter what age group, they can directly control it. If you wear a sleeveless knitted vest like this outfit, you can express your figure through stretchy fabrics and curved silhouettes.

However, in the end, the popularity of skirts that are still popular is slightly higher, and girls have no worries when dressing, and the matching color types are also extremely rich.

Except for black and white, just count


The popularity is the highest, it can form a relatively simple outfit, if the skirt hangs down, it is also very beautiful.

The color of the skirt is the key to determining its fit, and the fit determines whether it is compatible with the figure, so the two should be coordinated.

Like this one

Straight skirt

, its cutting actually has obvious wrapping, especially will restrict the movement of the legs, but through the form of the zipper, let the layout be divided in two, you can automatically adjust the length of the zipper to form a split effect, the operation is very flexible.

There are generally two types of skirts, dresses and skirts, and do not be too “eccentric” when choosing a style, you can take care of both in place, so that there will be no too many restrictions on dressing.

Slip dress

As a presence with a large exposed skin area in dresses, it has always been associated with words such as sexiness. However, many conservative people are stressed to wear it. White T-shirts can be layered to fill in the bare skin and lines to prevent the body from being exposed.

The slip skirt is worn alone, sexy and sultry, superimposed use, more conservative, more layered, and can be selected according to your own situation.

Not only does this slip dress have more bare arms, but even a large area of skin on the neck is fully revealed, so layering is safer and won’t fade. The best thing to layer is a white T-shirt, and a dark light-colored slip dress is no problem.

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This one

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