“007: ignorant to death” is really coming. This is probably the most difficult 007 movie, the last work is still the “007: Ghost Party” in 2015, 6 years, the US president has changed, 007 fans talk about love, marry, born baby I can go into the cinema to watch the movie, no matter what I said, 007 overcomes the global epidemic, and finally the upper school line is released. This is also the last time Daniel Craig plays Bond.




“007: 无 无 死” is the 25th Movie Movie. The 007 for the war has been going to retire, and the wife has lived a happy life, but it is necessary to maintain the world peace or less than 007. In order to rescue a scientist to go out again, based on this story. Lami Marek starred in the film and a trip to the 007 War. Audmity: This return is not dead, 007 is dead; the successor is actually a black girl, it seems to be the right performance of Hollywood politics.


Omega as the official sponsor of 007 movie, of course, Daxiang will be unveiled: the role in the play has a total of 3 Omega watches:


“No time to die” 007 version Omega hippocampus 300M diving meter

Since Daniel Kreg, he always wears a variety of Omega hippocampus, including the marine universe and the Aqua Terra series model. In his fifth time, the last time James Bunde, Cregg returned to his role of the origin and wore Haima 300M diving meter – but this special 007 version of the watch is not your standard Omega diving meter.

The “NO TIME TO DIE” version features a 42 mm housing (with 20 mm yard) with a rotating lap, a spin-in type crown and a row valve. However, although the standard model is made of stainless steel, the “NO TIME TO DIE” version is made of 2 titanium. In addition, sapphire crystals have a more obvious circular arches (imitating the appearance of a round arch acrylic crystal on the vintage subway), and the dial and the surface of the surface are made of brown old aluminum alloy, and have colored night lights to further Play aesthetics in vintage style.

Omega Hippocampus 300M “Anwirly to Death” version of the movement is also slightly different from the standard version. Unlike normal versions with date windows and 6 o’clock position, the latest 007 version is a model, thus powers by Co-Axial Calibre 8806 (not CAL. 8800). Considering this, despite the difference, the two movements have passed the Metas certified observatory and resist more than 15,000 Gaussian magnetic fields. In addition, the Standard Edition is equipped with a transparent bottom cover, and the “NO TIME TO DIE” version uses a solid bottom cover and has a beautiful engraving pattern – it is like the military watch filed by the British Ministry of Defense.


The ‘NO Time to Die’ version is unique in its titanium mesh chain (although the table also has a nylon NATO tableband). The table chain uses a clever structure that allows users to adjust the length without removing any part, and its overall beauty is perfectly matched with the vintage style of the watch.

New 007 Agentian Lashana Lynch Wear 38 mm hippocampus Aqua Terra, with black dials and black nato straps


To be honest, I can’t understand that this role is exchanged to women. After decades, the British gentleman tradition suddenly changed, I think Fletming should know that will crawl from the grave. After retirement, Bond returned to the military in the military, and he had been lifting at the time of the security of his visitors, and the female 007 led Bond to M’s office. Everyone saw that they were shocked. Female 007 hangs a face “I have a very proud but I want to hold back”, all the way through the office area. As everyone knows everyone’s eyes are actually falling on the visitors behind her. Of course, Omega also knows who is the real pig’s feet, the supporting role can only wear the door hippocampus AT, waterproof is 150 meters.


Another star is Na Ome Harris, she played a fascinating and unyielding Missylnny Miss. Moneypenny is a secretary of M. He is a senior official of James Badhe and his head of the UK Secret Intelligence Bureau. This kind of understanding is a vase, and the film is applied to the Omega Deville Prestige 27.4mm Quartz Table.

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