I never imagined that one day I would wear it

Grandma’s clothes

The “grandma style” trend in the fashion circle is really unreasonable regardless of the season!


Granny shirt

, lazy and casual and versatile, gentle and sweet with a capital letter!


Granny pants

, cover the flesh to show thinness, good breathability, wear it

The trouser legs are empty


I didn’t expect that after the spring and summer, the wind in autumn and winter could still stand up.

Grandma’s cotton suit

Can it be so popular?!

I believe everyone must have seen such clothes, it is called “Italian sewing cotton clothing” or “diamond check cotton clothing”.

When it comes to between the teeth, many babies are a little afraid to open their mouths, first of all, it is

Read it this way


Again, it’s a kind of

Textile technology

, is a long needle sewn with a sandwich of the text, so that the padding such as down and cotton wool inside can be fixed, so that it will be more

Three-dimensional fullness

(It doesn’t look like the inner tank of your quilt)

Say quilting may feel strange to you, but see

CHANEL Classic

You must be no stranger to bags!

The difference between people and people lies in

Think differently

。 Some people saved money and spent 30,000 yuan to buy bags, and some people had the sense of investment and saved 30,000 yuan for financial management.

The former’s bag has risen to 60,000 this year, and the latter’s money is still 15,000.

Are you angry or not?

Having said that, the most classic use of the wool seam design is in the bag, which not only has a high-grade texture, but also in terms of appearance

Exquisite and unique

I didn’t have the patience to start decisively, and this is a good look

Great admiration

Not only bags, once complained about is

“Rustic inner tank” “walking quilt”

The fur-seamed coat also fought a beautiful turnover.

Now a whole one

Big stylish

It belongs to Yes!

On the runway, the sandwich element has become a popular attraction, and this design is not only there


, can also make down jackets, cotton clothes not wearable

Monotonous no fit

Take a look at Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection to see Dior’s most famous

Rattan check Cannage

The shadow of it, which was inspired by the chair of Napoleon III.

Popular this year

Wave seam coat

, I also actively rushed, with Klein blue, showing white two degrees is not a dream!

The special seam line makes the originally heavy cotton clothing become strong

Lightweight and stylish

, to ensure warmth while the thinness index is also greatly improved, matching

Skirt pants

All hin good-looking!

I thought it was a very earthy wool-stitched cotton jacket, but I actually wanted to do it again

Purchase 100 million additional pieces

Many treasures find this kind of cotton jacket difficult to control, and they can’t figure out the style, so they are afraid to wear it

Dirt old hat, mother see beating

In fact, the stitched piece can be said to be

Mountain boyish sense dress

The class represents.

The first to appear in the trend circle of the inner tank is

Military jacket

of warm liners.

The inner tank of the M-65

This warm liner can be adapted to the temperature




Supreme launched a piece in collaboration with OAMC


The inner jacket has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years.

After it evolved into Yama Style, it became an existing one

High value

, and both


of outdoor wear.

Especially I don’t know if everyone found out, perhaps because the epidemic has suffocated everyone, and more and more friends around me have begun to go outdoors this year

Camping in a tent


Under the stars, by the lake, on the wilderness, among the woodlands, a tent,

Several lamps

, a few tables and stools, can isolate the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pair it with this one

Light but warm

The wool seam jacket is convenient for outdoor activities, and it is fashionable at the same time.

At night,

Cold and wind resistant

The effect is also top-notch!

Of course, quilting, as a craft technique, must have more than one form of expression.

Parallel slits

Of all the stitched pieces, the most everyday is

“Parallel seams”

This parallel seam is the best of all types, so most of the down jackets we see are like this.

Diamond quilting

In recent years, the more popular and often heard “diamond check cotton jacket” is adopted

“Vertical crossing”

Tailoring craftsmanship.

This is also known as the pattern of a diamond or square checker.

Irregular waves

This one is more interesting, not just a straight wave.

You can also transform into a variety of them

Love, petals

And so on, add


Or splicing two seams into irregular stitches, which are the favorite choices of Baozi with a fashionable attitude!

From Chanel to Bottega Veneta, the quilted design has been maintained

Traditional and classic

of styling, so talent

The style lives on

Fashion bloggers each have a wool-stitched cotton coat, real!

It is recommended that you must start in autumn and winter, as an inner layer, it also has a good warmth effect.

This time, I will choose all of them

The colors are plain

Smooth fit

The, do not step on the thunder and do not be rustic!

If the treasures don’t like the diamond check clothes, you can choose a bag, no girl should be able to refuse!

Well, today’s sharing is here, in fact, about cotton clothing, the popular styles every year are very large



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