↑↑Less than 1% of the world’s people pay attention to Big Meow, you are really a tasteful person.

Spring wanted to buy a new bag, but found that there was no way to start…


Death is expensive

! It is

The style is good-looking but rotten street

Finish… It doesn’t matter, Big Meow is to save you

Buy a bag of waste

Little master~

Today, I will recommend a few for you

The quality or style is not inferior to the big brand of small crowd bags

The point is

The price is cheaper than the big brands, and there will be no bumper bags

!! come on!

Betsey Johnson

Their design is really cute and stylish, which suits you young tastes.

The price is in

Between 200 and 900

, for the design of such a big-name designer, I am also conscientious! Don’t say that the big meow is not Amway you guy~

Don’t ask me if I have wood to sell, real wood has, or big meow to do a purchasing agent for you to earn some extra money (honey smile haha) If you need it, find a small purchasing agent~


I believe many sisters have heard of this British brand, and the most famous of their family is Cambridge bags! I see that many e-commerce platforms have sold ah~ I especially like the pink one, which is too suitable for spring, the bag texture is good, and it is worth entering.

Full skin, the price ranges from 500 to 2000, full of preppy style, well, you can chop your hands.

lily brown

A niche brand in Japan, there is a flagship store on Tmall, and the style belongs to the girly style, simple and fashionable~

The price is also very affordable, between 300 and 900 yuan, suitable for all kinds of people, and the student party can also pick their favorite bag~

charles keith

This is the least niche brand of all the crowds, but I’m going to talk about it! Because not only the price is quite affordable, but also the design sense is very strong, simple and fashionable model Na~

I have entered a wallet in their house before, and the quality is really conscientious! The price is between 300 and 500 yuan, the official website also often engages in activities, there are discounts of only 100 to 300 yuan… It’s too cheap~


The metal rod of this brand’s bag is its brand feature, tens of thousands of M2Malletier also have metal rods, the style is also very high-end, I feel that it will be very hot in the next few years ~ is that the price is a little not very beautiful.

This bag is replaced by M2Malletier’s parity, the price is between 1000 and 3000 yuan, the appearance is really beautiful, the appearance association must enter!


Canada’s light luxury brand, the design of the arrow is the characteristic of this brand. In recent years, many IT girls have carried their bags!

Because it is a light luxury brand, the price is more than 1,000 yuan, but compared to the tens of thousands of big brands, this price is still very suitable for salaried people like us!

After reading this, are you still afraid of bumping bags with others!

And you can show off to others without bumping your bags

Come and give me a big meow who loves you ~~~

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