In everyone’s mind, you may think that Japanese housewives’ home decoration (home storage) is the best in the world. However, after seeing the layout of her house, I was a little moved. This Korean wife is a practitioner and practitioner of minimalist life. She insists on throwing things from time to time, the whole house is exquisite and simple and spotless, and the cleanliness of the home is not at all inferior to that of Japanese housewives. Netizen: After reading it, I know that the original “family disciple four walls” can also be very advanced. Follow the pace of Xiaobian and take a look at the outstanding features of her home, which will definitely bring you a different home experience.

The whole house adopts a simple milky white home decoration, clean and simple decoration, making the whole area look more open and bright. For me, as long as it is my own home, even if it is a family disciple, I feel very beautiful and warm.

The overall style of the whole room is relatively soft and elegant. Apart from the furniture and simple decorations that should be available, there are no other superfluous items, and it is very comfortable and pleasing to the eye just to look at. No complicated decoration, no complicated design, will make my life more comfortable and comfortable.

The design of the floor-to-ceiling windows is really what my ideal home looks like. Not only the lighting effect is good, but also can see the scenery outside the house more transparently. The rainbow photographed by the heroine is always more beautiful than imagination. Such a life is too enviable!

In winter, the snow outside the window is a special scene, giving people a double enjoyment of sight and soul.

From the details of the home and the taste of life, we can probably know the owner’s good taste. Although the days are simple, the sense of ritual cannot be less.

The arrangement of each area adds a touch of color to the small home. The heroine arranged a Christmas tree at home, and the atmosphere of the home became full all of a sudden. Life needs a sense of ritual, she says.

In her home, even the flowers are so unique and have personality. The whole picture is beautiful and extremely comfortable to watch.

The locker against the wall is simple and practical. Every empty space can be used and matched at will. Whether it is home storage or home decoration, it is very suitable.

The heroine who loves life often uses the camera to record her life moments and the growth moments of her children, which is very commemorative.

The baby’s bedroom, the choice of decoration color scheme is warm and comfortable, living in it is a kind of happiness.

The heroine insists on using the fewest and simplest items to live the happiest days. Her belongings and furniture are simple to the extreme, but they don’t lose their sense of luxury.

In the kitchen, as far as the eye can see, there is nothing and the four walls of the family are all around, which vividly practices minimalist life.

After dinner, a wonderful song is played, and the whole person’s spiritual world is replenished.

The home was so empty, why did she feel so happy. Perhaps only those who practice minimalist life can know the fun of it.

A flower, a glass of wine, the whole home atmosphere is about to breathe.

The layout of the bathroom, seemingly simple, is actually very high-class, worthy of our savouring and learning.

Because I like simple white and cream colors, I will choose a similar color system every time I add something to my home. Perhaps, this arrangement is not luxurious at all, but this is what the owner’s favorite home looks like. Not only is it simple and attractive, but it also saves money. Home is unique in everyone’s heart, and I hope everyone can pretend to be a satisfactory little home.

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