My Fair Lady, a gentleman is so fast. A blue chiffon dress beauty walked towards her, couldn’t help but take a look at more, with fairy air, fresh and natural not pretentious, once triggered, it seems that even the breath becomes fresh, the streamers are casually crossed, slightly casual and comfortable, fresh little daisies are all over the skirt, which represents purity and innocence and romance, light and elegant and frosty, and the posture is quiet and quiet just like you.

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The “little daisy in blue and white color” has a quiet posture

With blue as the main color, giving a feeling of refreshment, the flowers of the little daisies are all over the skirt, numerous without cluttering, but revealing a fresh and unkitsch natural beauty, its flower language is pure and innocent romance, elegant and creamy, and the posture is quiet.

“Lace-up floating collar” comfortable long sleeves

Breaking the conventional design, the lace-up floating collar is very temperamental, flowing and flexible, interpreting a different kind of girly feelings, under the rendering of small broken flowers, simple is good without too much decoration, this length is not embarrassing, inside and outside are brilliant.

“High-rise design” slim fit

It’s the season to wear dresses again, but your own bucket waist, don’t be afraid of high waist to put the waist line in the thin place of ZUI, below the waist is the visual sense of the legs, thin waist and long legs are hand-to-hand, the upper body shows the beauty of women, the lower body is long legs, wear a good figure in minutes ~

“Fashion Stripe” printed fabric

Cotton is widely used in clothing, precisely because the characteristics of its fabric are very suitable. Its feel is soft, comfortable and breathable, natural and environmentally friendly, in line with the needs of the human body for comfort. Deliver cloud-like comfort. The simple flowers are three-dimensional and shapely, and the skirt is not eye-catching, fashionable and elegant.

“Tickle Shopping” affordable baby find pro-Tao coupons

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