Little girls really have too many troubles dressing! As long as the piece has a little thickness, the overall look will become shorter, as long as the length of the piece is slightly inappropriate, the height will immediately decrease by three centimeters.

The above situation is not what I listen to other people, but my own real worries about dressing, take my favorite black coat, in most cases, I wear a black coat to go out, will be “teased” by friends, say that it is not angry, but it is definitely against my will to say that I don’t care.

After a long time, I secretly decided to choose a black coat suitable for small girls, although a long time passed, but fortunately the result did not disappoint me, the 4 black coats recommended for you today are 100% suitable for small girls to wear the body, if you also have the same dressing troubles as me, you must try it. Black coats don’t choose mopping models, too pressing, choose these short and medium styles are more fashionable and delicate.

For small girls, the easiest to control pure black coat is the blogger’s short black coat, short and delicate fit with the coat’s signature lapels and waist design, simple and exquisite without suppressing height, the upper body is very effective.

Although the sparrow is small, the short black coat with all the organs meets my height requirements and meets my aesthetic requirements, whether it is unbuttoning or buttoning the top, the black coat upper body will not make people feel inappropriate.

In order to enhance the overall look of agility, I will choose a black coat with a light-colored tight lining, the ideal style is a beige skinny turtleneck undershirt, using the contrast effect of the collar to increase the sense of layering, and achieve the goal effortlessly.

Simple black and white matching is the most suitable combination I can think of for small girls, but one thing needs to be reminded that when choosing the bottoms to match, you must not choose a loose mopping fit, and the way of dressing up and down is the most tall and thin for small girls.

Choose skinny jeans with a black coat, another advantage is that you can relax the restrictions on choosing a black coat, under normal circumstances, girls who are no more than 160 in height are more suitable for choosing a style that just covers the butt. But if you have black skinny jeans for support, you can also choose a style that goes up to your thighs.

One thing is undeniable, that is, the longer the black coat, the more advanced the overall look, which is why small girls take risks to choose black long coats, so when conditions permit, everyone can try to choose some long black coats.

In order to ensure that the overall beauty does not deteriorate, regardless of the length of the black coat, the shape design must be in place, the plump little fairies can choose a black coat with a double-breasted one, and the slender and skinny little fairies can choose an A-shaped black coat.

In addition, I will tell you a little secret, when I choose a black coat, I will definitely choose a style with a belt, regardless of the length of the bodice or whether I need to wear a belt or not, it must be there.

If the conditions for choosing a black coat are relaxed, the bottom line is this knee-length black coat on the blogger, in fact, this coat is a bit risky for me to wear out, as long as the bottom choice is not appropriate, the overall look will be very crotch-pulling.

Therefore, when choosing this coat, small girls must carefully choose the shape and color of the trousers. The color of the more safe trousers is pure black, the upper and lower colors are uniform, the overall look is more thin and delicate, and the height increase effect will be very obvious.

The more safe trouser version is high-waisted skinny jeans, if you feel that your leg shape can’t control skinny jeans, you can also choose high-waist slim 9-point straight pants. Taking advantage of the looseness that fits close to the skin and the cropped pants that expose the ankles to increase the chips that appear high is also worth learning.

Another point is that when choosing shoes that match with trousers, try to choose handsome colors, which is a matching skill that small girls must learn.

If you are fashionable and expressive, you can also choose this A-line mid-length black coat on the blogger.

In terms of shape, its thinning effect will be higher than its increase, and the effect is more obvious, which is especially suitable for little fairies whose height and body shape are not perfect.

Another point is that the A-line mid-length coat can only be paired with tight trousers, if you don’t need to take off the coat when you go to the net, you can use it with high-waist fleece leggings.

But if you need to take off your coat for an occasion, it is recommended to use it with pure black skinny jeans, and the loose and tight way of dressing is the key to ensuring that the mid-length A-line coat does not get old.

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