In winter, a warm and practical short jacket can shorten the upper body, and the high-waisted pants give a sense of legs from the chest down.

Small girls, if you don’t have an idea of winter wear, you may wish to try the combination of “short jacket + straight pants”, which is undoubtedly smart and neat, and also takes into account a good-looking match.

First, “black, white and gray” cotton clothing matching

Warm and thick cotton clothing, jacket is a necessary clothing in winter, especially for small children, short cotton jacket is more suitable, casual and not bloated. Autumn and winter matching is indispensable to “black, white and gray” three colors of the piece, this basic color of the piece is classic and attractive, not picky, simple matching can wear a casual feeling.

Gray cotton clothing, this fresh and elegant color of cold cotton clothing, low saturation, visually very thin, and can highlight the cold temperament of women.

In the matching of gray down jackets, the black letter print sweatshirt is chosen underneath, and the other two styles are relatively loose, so you can choose a slightly close-fitting straight pants for the lower body, so as not to choose bloated drag.

The canvas shoes on the feet add a refreshing and age-reducing temperament to the overall look, and it is most suitable for young girls to choose this set.

If you feel that the solid color cotton clothing is a little too monotonous, you can also try the black and gray stitched style of cotton clothing, this short style of cotton clothing design is simple and atmospheric, visually will not lower the height.

The matching of the lower body pants is also very simple, choose black straight pants, casual and generous, the tightening design of the pants, to a certain extent weaken the sense of bloat, to avoid looking too dragging.

The mid-length white down jacket has a wide design suitable for most girls, and the lower body is paired with blue jeans and black small leather boots, forming a casual and casual style. The refreshing white down jacket is bright and clean in the color system, which can maximize the whiteness of the skin.

In the matching of pure black down jackets, you can choose a black and white stripe style undershirt for the inside, which weakens the monotony to a certain extent. Short cotton clothing is not like other down jackets, this clothing is as refreshing and simple as possible, on top of the basic shape and color, in order to highlight the atmosphere and low-key image.

Wearing straight-leg jeans in autumn and winter, neither as easy to bloated and fat as wide-leg pants, nor like leggings that expose leg defects, straight-leg pants We can use the way of pulling the pants to expose the ankles, the leg line is visually perfectly extended, thin and leg length.

Second, bright cotton clothing matching

The grass-green cotton suit is too bright to wear in winter, giving people a feeling of vitality. The unique heart-shaped pattern on the cotton suit reduces the feeling of monotony. Paired with an orange pouch worn cross-body, it perfectly enhances the highlights and eye-catching index of the match.

The dark blue cotton jacket is designed to be short, making this piece more practical and versatile, and choosing such a jacket in winter makes the aura refreshing and generous.

Compared to other cotton jackets, the fabric of this cotton garment is lighter and thinner, and it is not visually bloated. Wearing a plush hat, standing in the snow is pure and sweet, which has a sense of winter atmosphere.

The fresh and elegant sky blue itself is a refreshing and healing color, and wearing a cotton jacket of this color in winter does not require too much embellishment and matching, nor does it feel monotonous. This bright color combination is not only very white, but also full of quiet and gentle ladylike feeling.

Black straight-leg pants and snow boots, smart and casual with a cute and playful taste. The trousers with the cuff shrink style can well balance the swelling caused by the blue down jacket, and the overall combination will look very harmonious.

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